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  1. No, I haven't had that pleasure yet. We did pass each other on the Iron Goat trail by Stevens Pass, but we didn't recognize each other as geocachers.
  2. Sorry to hear you had a DNF. I hope it hasn't been muggled. It shouldn't have been hard to find or a long arm reach, but then I may have hidden it too well.
  3. Reading back through this thread I see Grant Goodeve's name coming up. He did a segment on NW Backroads about 2 years ago on geocaching and that's where my first exposure with geocaching came from. If I remember right he had a DNF on the cache they were trying to find.
  4. Thanks TL and everyone for the great time. Looking at that track log we were NOT drunk..... The going in was a breeze, but we did get a bit turned around on the way out. Kfam did his best to put a scare into us on exit though. I was half expecting some other geocachers to be hiding somewhere in the swamp ready to pounce on us. Guess nobody was crazy enough to think of that. This will be one of my most memorable hunts for a long time. I need to download my pics and see what I have. I'll post some later. Thank you
  5. I'm there too!....I figured what the heck. If I'm going to die it may as well be in a putrid swamp with geocaching friends. FRS Chnl 2????
  6. Way to go EGH!!! Scout Lake looks like an excellent milestone cache.
  7. Put me back on the maybe list. I just got home a bit ago, ate dinner, wood stove is getting the house nice and toasty and I'm wondering if I'm insane to be thinking about wandering around a swamp at midnight!......
  8. Sign me up. If anyone needs a ride I'll be going down 522 to 405 and then south. E-mail me if you want a ride. Maybe I'll get down early and do some caching down that way and some recon.
  9. I'm not quite sure of what to make of this. I see they are meeting before hand and there is a bar, so 10-12 drunk geocachers out at midnite in a swamp sound like fun????? Sign me up!..... I'll be coming down from Monroe if this is actually going to happen and I won't be the only one there. I'll be going by the eastside and my Honda is so trashed from the previous caching/camping trips that I don't mind any swamp creatures in it.
  10. I've been reading through the cache logs and this is beginning to sound like a crazy fun idea.....right up my alley! Hmmmm, now you have me thinking again. I have hip waders and chest waders. Or maybe it would be better to wear old ratty clothes and plan on getting fithy dirty wet??? I can see the news headlines....."Geocachers found dead and dying in local swamp"....story at 5.
  11. Hope you were FTF on my new cache and the snakes didn't get yeah. That part of the state is very lacking in caches, so it would be good to see a few more pop up. Hint hint....
  12. Welcome LittleBlue, I'm fairly new to this forum to, so jump right in. Lots of good info. and people on here. Micros are a love hate with me....Love them when I find them and hate them when I can't... They sure can drive you nuts in a hurry. I did hide my first two micro caches this week.....PRWandG and Heybrook Lookout, so I've entered the evil zone with no going back. They are both easy ones, so I shouldn't get too many curses thrown my way. EGH, I tried for the Mt Persis cache the other day and the cords are all goofed up. What a day that was! I didn't know about the archived cache up there, so parked at the suggested location and hiked from there. That added about 1,000 ft of climbing straight up. I did place a new cache up there and submitted that for approval, so look for it anytime now. It's a fantastic spot and would be an excellent 2,000. I did find a much easier way to hike out. If you are really looking for a challenge I can give you the route I took. It gains about 2,000 ft in .8 miles.....
  13. Yes, Jameson Lk is between Waterville and Coulee City off US 2. I've fished it for about 20 years and it still puts out a gazilion fish, but it's gone downhill for size and quality of fish. It reopens on Oct1-31, so that's always a great time to fish it. Happy B-day Patudles!......You'll like the 60CS. When I was at Jameson last week I didn't have any cords. for Muskrat Pond cache and tried to find it from memory. I thought it was the pond about 1/4 mile east of the camping area, so I wandered over there and spent about 30 mins looking. I see now I was about 1 mile off!..... I'll have to put a cache there as it's a nice pond and easy walk over with lots of wildlife. My new cache by Jameson hasn't been approved yet, so still waiting. I hid a new cache yesterday near Mt Persis. Turns out the cords were the same as the archived Mt Persis View. What a day that was. It's going to be a week before I can walk normal again. <br> Navagatorz, you might be interested in this one. Heybrook Lookout The lookout is all setup to rent soon, so this would be a fun one in the winter. I've never stayed in a lookout, and it's something I've always wanted to do.
  14. You missed the great weather by one day. I was out yesterday killing myself trying to findMt Persis View Now I'm wondering what is going on here? I was looking at the archived Mt Persis View Cache and this is where I ended up, but the driving directions put me about 1,000 ft lower and on another road south. I see several others have tried for this cache and failed. I wish I had read the archived report as it would have saved me about 5 miles of hiking and 2,000 ft of climbing and descent. Does anyone know the cache owners? I was going to e-mail them, but see they haven't logged on since July 3,2004. There definately is a cache up there now. I had a small snap lock container with me that I placed. I just looked at the cords for the archived Mt Persis View Cache and see they are the exact same ones I marked!.....Go figure. Anyway, it was a gorgeous day to be out hiking. I saw several deer, lots of grouse, bunnies and my first snow of the season. Now that soccer is winding down I'd like to join in on some of the hikes. If my bum knees could stand yesterdays hike I'm up for anything.
  15. Nobody jumped on the Colchuck Lk cache I see. I almost went up there a couple weeks ago when I was caching your area. It's a gorgeous area. That's the backdoor way into the Enchantments that I've taken many times and doing it in one day will just about kill you!..... Friend and I went up there in late Dec. in 78 in a low snow year and the lake was covered with 8 inches of crystal clear ice. We were able to walk across the lake and climb Aasgard Pass all the way to the top of upper Enchantments with just a bit of snow up there. That area sure brings back some great memories. I wonder how much snow is at Colchuck now.....got me thinking about that.... Look for a new cache near Jameson Lake that I placed last week.
  16. LOL, thanks for the great post. I'm glad you weren't hurt too bad. I can symphasize with you on the M10Coin. I just about destroyed my car trying for one near Snoqualmie Pass last month and missed it by 30 mins. I found one easily the following week, so they are out there. Timing is everything. I'll hold on to the one I found and return it to a cache somewhere down the line. IMHO, I think it's selfish to rathole them as some do. I see some out there with old series and new series. Even some with 3!....should be a law against that.... I hope you find one and it's a worthy one that isn't "handed off" like some are. It really doesn't mean anything if it's given to you.
  17. Welcome back, did you place many caches around the Cutbank area? You might be interested in this one. Mt Persis View I was going to do this one for my #400, but got a late start on the day and it looked to have some problems finding. I did Tims Stash on Heybrook Lookout for a easy #400.
  18. I see my post along with another has "disappeared" I don't believe I was disrespectfull or condesending. I pointed out the facts to a nonhunter. Maybe some don't feel this is appropriate for a geocaching site, but I think if you are in the woods you need to know about hunting and how to deal with it.
  19. With that advice I'd say you would up your chances of getting shot about ten fold. Hunting is being attacked from all sides now days and anyone out in the woods blowing a whistle, making an excessive amount of noise shouting etc. puts a target on their back as a antihunter. Many areas are singled out by animal rights activists and "protested" in just that manner. Our state (WA) several years ago passed a law preventing these groups from acting in this manner as it was getting so volitial that someone was going to get killed. The further from a road you go the less chance you'll see hunters. I'm amused by some the stereotypes I see coming out in this thread by nonhunters. There is some form of hunting 365 days a year in our state and there isn't a crazed drunk hunter waiting behind every tree just ready to shoot you!..... My advice as a hunter of 30 plus years is to be aware of your surroundings and use some common sense. Have an idea of the major hunting seasons and dress appropriately. You have a much higher chance of a rabid squirrel biting you and dying than getting killed by a hunter, so enjoy the woods and get out there and find that cache before the snow covers it up.
  20. I have been using GpxSonar for about 6 months with my HP 2255 running PC 2003 and love it. I recently upgraded to the new version and is it my imagination, but has the font changed size to a bit larger? I seem to be having a problem squeezing in the information that I like to view without scrolling sideways. I like to have the cache name, then difficulty, terrain, distance and direction all in one view so I don't have to scroll. I have to cut off too much of the cache name to get it all in like it used to be. Is there a way to make the font smaller within the program or do I have to handle this in the operating system? Or am I out of luck? I only use my PDA for geocaching, so I'm a total knewbie there. I will say I was hugely impressed with HP customer support when I lost the large center input button out geocaching. It went out on a Wed. afternoon from near Seattle to Texas and I had it back with the OS updated and in my hands 2 days later. I can't imagine geocaching without my PDA. GpxSonar is a huge asset.
  21. Thanks for the heads up. Many times I've been in parks and woody areas geocaching and thought to myself. I must really look like a looney crawling around in the bushes and playing with trees..... Not to mention the times there were kids around and no adults to be seen. Not that I want the attention, but it bothers me that I've never been questioned once. I"ve had people walk by and give me a quizical look and when that happens I'll explain to them what I'm doing and what geocaching is all about. It's good to see various law enforcement agencies knowing about geocaching. I hope I have that luck if I ever get stopped and questioned.
  22. I haven't been checking on this thread for a few days and see it's still staying relatively civil. Nolenator, were you shot "at" or happened to be riding by when he shot? If he shot at you as game then I hope you called a Sheriff and had his gun confiscated and his hunting license removed. Anyone willfully shooting someone while hunting will never be able to get a hunting license in their lifetime and has no business being in the woods. The laws are very specific and for a good reason. Accidents do happen, but when you factor in how many men and women that hunt it's a very low percentage. You were very lucky. To answer the muzzleloader question. They are very primitive guns compared to modern day rifles. Effective range is normally less than 100 yards. You use open sights and no scope is allowed in our state. You have one shot and that's it. Most shots will be under 50 yards, so you are up close and personal with the game. The chance of shooting someone is much lower, but it's still there too. There's really no need to be frightened about going in the woods. Be aware of hunting and when the major seasons open. That's the general deer and general elk season in WA. Don't wear deer colored clothing. With the rapid growth of geocaching it's good a post like this is being discussed. The fact that many times caches are in areas that require bushwacking or crawling around in the bushes requires us to be more cautious. It won't keep me out of the woods though.
  23. You'll find that WA state has some of the most restrictive and convoluted hunting laws in the country, but very advanced saftey wise. I'm not sure where you heard that rumour, but no hunting from a vehicle is allowed other than handicapped hunters. #4 in prohibited hunting methods says," Hunting wildlife from a motor vehicle is prohibited" #5 goes into not using aircraft, boats or motor driven vehicles to pursue, concentrate or harass wildlife. #6 states "Discharging a firearm from, across, or along the maintained portion of any public highway, regardless of surface is prohibited, except for the hunters with disabillities in compliance with WAC 232-12-828. I have no respect for anyone that hunts from a vehicle. If they can't get their lazy butts off the road then they deserve to get the book thrown at them. We have a local TV show called Evening Magazine and they aired a segment last month on what the WDFW does to get a few of those bozo's out of the woods. They use a robotic buck and set up a sting along a popular hyway at night. It was surprising the number of hunters that saw the buck and slammed on their brakes and got out with rifles and tried to shoot it. They should have slapped a piece of duct tape over their mouth and dressed them up in a deer suit with horns and tied them up next to that fake buck!..... One of the reasons why I don't hunt deer with modern firearm. You hope that most are responsible hunters, but I've seen enough idiots with rifles to stay the heck out of any area that is open in the general season. Muzzleloader is getting bad enough that I'm about to give up on that and start bowhunting.
  24. Our state requirement for hunter orange is "a minimum of 400 sq. inches of fluorescent hunter orange exterior clothing is required. It must be worn above the waist and be visible from all sides. A hat, by itself, does not meet this requirement" I hunt blackpowder, so the limited range of this gun does not require me to wear orange. This rule was added to shotgun hunters about 6-7 years ago to add better visibility while hunting upland birds. You just about need a law degree to decipher what is open and what is legal to hunt now days. I was fishing/camping/geocaching over by Spokane last week and did some geocaches on Friday and did not know the general deer season was opening the next day. Walking back to my car I stopped off at a hunters camp and asked the guy what was opening up. If it had been opening day I would not have gone anywhere near that place! EGH, I had to laugh at your post. When I was about 12 my mom decided all us kids would go on a hike on a nice fall day. We have a summer place on the Sky River by Goldbar, so we head on over to Wallace Falls. Back then it wasn't a state park, so you could do anything in there. We parked and were heading up the road when we passed 4 guys standing around their trucks. One guy yells out to my mom. "Hey lady, you're going to make it about 200 yards before you get shot" My mom was wearing a buck skin coat with antler buttons and it was the opening day of deer season. We decided it might not be a good idea for a hike that day..........
  25. I see nothing wrong with RWW giving a heads up and don't see him slamming hunting. I've hunted for over 30 years and out of respect for the rifle hunters I would stay out of those areas. The general deer season lasts one week and the majority of hunting happens at this time. If you really need to get out in the woods this week then wear bright clothing. Your chance of getting shot is very low, but why push your luck. There has been various rifle seasons, blackpowder and bow hunting going on since August 1, but the percentage of hunters is far lower than the general deer season. I would also be aware of the general elk season in Nov. as this is another large group of hunters in the woods. Pick up a copy of the Big Game Hunting seasons and rules at any outdoor store or go to the WA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife website and check for seasons there. It's more about some common sense and being aware of your surroundings.
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