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  1. juggle all the things we like to do, and try and make time for all of them (but -1 in this case) nothing new really
  2. Doesn't look like the "usual" slowdown. Today it's really *extremely* slow as it was never before during the last weeks and months. Anke&Didi agreed, today is definitely 'different'.
  3. agreed, it's a rehash of the subject, but it still makes me cringe listening to it, and I am a non native English speaker!
  4. I knoweth where thou art at. :ph34r: :ph34r:
  5. yup, interested for sure. *edit - forgot that locations no longer show up, we're based near London, UK *edit edit - we're also on here, to give you some more options around the globe Clicky here
  6. because we can, and we like it that way Kinda the same way I dont get why you'd have only one database, instead of 6/7/8/9?
  7. Well it seems there will be an attempt on Flotsam and Jetsam on the 20th of March, and the Severn Bore seems very favourable on the Monday morning after.. As I will attempt to do both, I decided to try host an event on the Sunday night for anyone wanting to attend/stay over/do both/liking beer or cake or pie! I'll update closer to the time with details on a venue etc
  8. touch screen ftw imo. you'll get annoyed more by messing around inputting info then the screen brightness, trust me... /upgraded from 60csx to oregon *edit - goes to show how dif flavours apply
  9. Well, still dont like it, and it has dramatically reduced my time here. But that's probably not a bad thing anyway.
  10. absolutely horrible, ah well, one less forum to spam I suppose..
  11. That's one way of living up to a stereotype
  12. That's an odd thing to say. I own a Dobermann bitch, she's a big lump of dog, but does that make me 'that kinda person' that you are referring to? It's not the dogs fault for how it looks, it's the idiot owner that screws with their head. Get your views straight.
  13. To get this back on track, a thought I just had, picture the following scenario: """"Cacher x likes chirps, he buys an amount, lets say 9, 'ties' (that's how it works afaik) these to his Oregon, sets out a trail in some park in London. (This trail gets some good responses btw). The cache owner then goes to lets say, uhm, Poole, Dorset and drops his Oregon in the sea whilst admiring seagulls (oops!). At the same time the Met has decided that caching in that park is no longer allowed. So, the CO travels back to London to remove his chirps, whilst posting on the forums looking for a date with a diver. The date was a success but the Oregon kicked the bucket and had to be replaced. """" Now, my question is : what happens to those 9 chirps, they are now effectively useless right? Will Garmin 'reset' them for you? Or did you just get the short end of the stick?? ps, In case anyone wondered : the CO and the diver lived happily ever after
  14. check out the name of the puzzle, then check out my subtle 'i know it but someone else can have it' remark
  15. Umm... Hardware aisle twelve, shop smart, shop S-Mart!
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