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  1. twas a mutt called Laika iirc, dunno about the remix thing though
  2. might wanna head over to the UK section of the forums mate
  3. Quality, the perfect response to the recent happenings! I hope someone local takes up your offer
  4. Grats! funny, today is my 1st anniversary, tis been one year for me since I smoked one up hill is so much easier by now and its all in the head, nothing else will sort it. good luck
  5. post secret? Peeps anonymously sending in secrets on postcards?
  6. TFTC = thanks for the cache stay on topic 'old man'
  7. Not sure you will get the time, but this is easily doable under two hours, also a good educational distraction for the students, magna carta etc.. holds almost any bug you can bring as well. one of my favourites The British Library
  8. c'mon be fair, at least they are planning to show up
  9. thats pretty much how I spotted it shame they locked it though, perhaps it's going to be removed soon?
  10. well, its actually working as intended now, shame eh?
  11. Thanks I have now got in using the 2nd link bumping as i actually needed the links myself!
  12. go for it mate, it's a great and unique idea! don't let any comments in this thread put you off!!!
  13. no, just painfully slow again, again. Again. We're stuck in a time-warp here me thinks...again...
  14. all one needs to do is add distance/elevation details most peeps on a bike can work it out that way no?
  15. these are absolute goldmines for cheap and decent outdoor gear, this applies even more for TKM.
  16. edit - nevermind, not even going to bother.
  17. But did you take on board the underlying message? A genuine question I might add.
  18. have fun, half pints are encouraged clicky might need to google 'circle line pub crawl' or click below clicky
  19. Wouldn't you want to place a non-worn cache with fresh paper? so, maybe not listed on this site or perhaps final to a puzzle further away? hmmmmm...... good advice lads
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