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  1. think it does actually, but it's still 10, as it's 'between' but if it's 'between' then it wouldn't include 10^3 either so the answer would be 9. edit - yep, lol ah well
  2. think it does actually, but it's still 10, as it's 'between'
  3. dont mess around, leave gps at home thats when you are truly 'ard
  4. the golden rule is as follows : any trackable you release is considered lost from the moment you drop it off. Embrace the above and learn to enjoy whatever movement they get as a treat. that is all.
  5. ""If you find the cache, please relocate it to exactly the place indicated by the hint, and then let me know in your log that you have done so."" what hint exactly?? disable and replace please, this is encouraging 'odd' logging....
  6. Can you please stop making so much sense, it'll just confuse a lot of people. this post was brought to you from sunny Holland, now excuse me whilst I go dancing in the rain! Alex
  7. for an oregon in gsak : gps, send waypoints why use a macro? :unsure:
  8. there was me thinking it was all about finding tupperware and having fun..
  9. please fix sig then Tue = Tu sorry, pet peeve.
  10. the kinda one that kills you instead of waking you up in cold sweats just guessing here.
  11. there's seriously something wrong with you.
  12. +1 for starters, my son would be thoroughly pee'd off. NO PIRATEMANIA DAD?????????????????
  13. there seems to be an issue with caches placed before the current date, kinda like using a travel planner for a time in the past. try moving placed to today?
  14. Mega means 10^6 or 2^20 (as in megahertz = 10^6 cycles per second; or megabyte = 2^20 bytes) depending on context to the scientific community. I suspect it's Greek and originates with the ancient Greeks - so it's been in use for over 500 years (D'oh! - I meant 500 years BC - see note). I can't speak Greek but I'll guess it means what we mean in a non-scientific sense: i.e. huge or awe-inspiring depending on context? Note: Edited to correct timescale. I meant 500 years BC, so it's been in use for over 2,500 years. 2nd Edit: Having heard nothing all day, I re-examined the question and realized the timescale thing is ambiguous: i.e. the question could be asking how long has it been used by the scientific community. So I'll give that a go. AIUI, the earliest scientific use as a unit multiplier can't pre-date the first metric scientific system of units, which was introduced just after the French Revolution - i.e. late 18th century. It was definitely in place when the CGS system was introduced in the mid-nineteenth century. So its first 'scientific' use must have been during the half-century between those dates. Also, I suspect the part of the question that asks what did it originally mean may also be ambiguous. AFAICT, 'mega' first came into the English language in the scientific context to mean 'decimal million'. most definitely a pub knowledge question then eh? :lol:
  15. Unfortunately unless the cacher in question or the police are willing to disclose this, everyone has their hands tied. The if one were to disclose and not the other could we truly take a balanced view? The thing is, until I know exactly what is or is not legal when I play this *hobby*, for me the entire discussion is moot. Why discuss something I can possibly no longer do due to the risks and subsequent consequences it will bring to my personal/professional life?? thats kinda for me the main point at the moment, the nano stickers etc will come afterwards, if that makes sense. *edit - speeeling
  16. If anything, I'd still like to know what that caution was for. I can always find a different hobby if need be, but something as serious as that can impact my personal and professional life.
  17. Devil's advocate : arthritis can be a pita from what I hear. *shrugs* what they do doesn't impact how I play the game, so yeah, whatever really. Not worth my time...
  18. No, as far as i am aware a email copy of the locations ( different pins for each location or 5 different maps ) on the map are fine Thats what my scout leader mate was tring to sort out but even he hit a brick wall That shouldn't be too difficult, if you want to mail me the sets of co-ords through my profile I'll knock up some maps for you tonight. teach a man to fish....
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