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  1. I REALY can't believe I'm saying this - - - but - - - I agree with Moote see : A tongue in cheek response by SP doing what he was 'asked' and he gets flak over it?? Come on peeps!
  2. Well, the last time I went I had batteries, a pen, pencil, notebook, camera, a lump of cement, one film cannister, 3 Tupperware boxes and a large plastic pigeon. It's so easy to pick up a lump of cement instead of your GPS. mind you, she 'did' use a Colorado at the time...
  3. imho, dit eerst, dan pas de rest van de suggesties.
  4. your cache, you can do what you like.
  5. I also don't see a log for #6? I take it you found that as well??
  6. now this sounds very interesting, would you be so kind as to elaborate?
  7. came from a 60csx to an Oregon 550 my only regret is to not have done this sooner paperless caching is win.
  8. looks like an account for a kid whilst the parents are semi active at least (looks like the parents responded) personally, I agree with Andy, if you can't maintain it, it shouldn't be there. this time the CO responded, most times nothing well happen, and it'll carry on and on. from your log : ""I have mixed feelings about this cache. Firstly it isn't a great choice of location, the container was inadequate and the Cache Owner has gone AWOL."" Cull seems a pretty simple answer to me.
  9. have a look here: clicky!!
  10. If you are on a cachers profile and then went to owned caches, selected all on the lft, it's .Loc only nope, gsak does exactly that, it just places the generated .gpx file in memory then copies it directly to your unit. Pretty sure thats faster then anything else.
  11. I'd just go and collect them all. you dont HAVE to log the cache, but you can still visit to pickup the trackables! :ph34r: :ph34r:
  12. This would alert the CO that I think the log was unnecessary but hardly challenges the logger. Part of me agrees strongly with many sentiments on the forums recently about logging etiquette, self policing and the right way to communicate but unfortunately part of me just says 'walk away' and not get involved. why not write the dnf cacher an email and try and 'educate' him/her a bit, instead of cluttering up the cache page with a note?
  13. Dank je voor de uitleg, hopelijk komt er een 2012 versie
  14. stick a 'needs archiving' log on it, the reviewers will get notified that way and can take appropiate action.
  15. Ik zie dat er ineens veel meer gepost wordt, en begrijp dat er een beetje drama achter zit. Persoon geen idee how of wat, en intereseert me ook weinig wat ik wel leuk zou vinden is dat inplaats van de draad opnemen waar je was op de andere fora je even een korte samenvatting geeft. bvb vomar race topic,gemeente race topic, logwedstrijd etc etc.. niet iedereen weet waar je het over hebt of hebben die fora gelezen, maar sommigen willen mischien wel meedoen/meedenken/meepraten. ziet er erg 'besloten kring' uit op die manier. alvast bedankt
  16. can you not just block the .png smiley? as the other one is a .gif smiley?
  17. Added ourselves and the mutt, thanks for organising
  18. yes please, we'd love to join (assuming we can join multiple times as family on one account?)
  19. This one should do nicely and if you want, you can do this one with it.
  20. 12ft out is good, a dedicated gps won't really beat that. Looking at your profile you have been at it for a relatively short time. My advice : cache on for a few months, see if you really like it. Then buy a dedicated united (by then you'll know a bit more what you want out of it)
  21. Oi! Don't blame me ;-) *gets out pitchforks, tar & feathers* right, lets get this over with quick!
  22. thank you very much, I saw that. Just the first time I saw a cache published by him/her, hence the question.
  23. ... but is this something I missed or just new? [GEO] Notify: La Lunatica published Cross Car Park-Risborough Woods Walk 3 (Traditional Cache)
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