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  1. for your Saturday morning : The British Library
  2. Als je wilt kan je hem naar ons mailen, dan droppen wij hem ergens lokaal (London) af.
  3. whatever the answer is you get here, make sure to run it by the boss wife first
  4. can't seem to find my groupon stats either!
  5. as far as I know you can only add caches as POI's, but someone else will chime in soon. You should be able to return the unit within x time?
  6. I tried and gave up, a little bit of formatting goes a long way. wall of text syndrome and all that
  7. Handtec usually a great price to be found there, and good customer service
  8. Hmm, read about this a day or so ago, with some olympic athletes pulling out due to fatigue I believe. Cant remember the name though, something with kayaks
  9. could have done if it wasn't there for the first few weeks :ph34r:
  10. If you are truly that concerned I suggest reviewing the link (and it's content) in your sig
  11. hmm, are you talking about the fake brickwork? I think that one had like 25 pages of drama in the forums..
  12. Haha, I wasn't having at laugh at your expense, but I now understand where your post comes from. It didn't make sense to me at first!
  13. LOL :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: After the cross reference I too went : LOOOOL! :lol: :lol:
  14. given the fact its all dodgy coding.. switch to Greek interface wise and submit the text under the Greek language profile? see if that works?
  15. So what you are saying is that you did not find the cache right?
  16. slight difference there eh? Not at all, 1. The original post included the name of an "adult actress" 2. The Picture is a picture of a lady who is known to work in the world of "adult entertainment" 3. The Tee shirt in the picture is for a commercial "adult entertainment" website 4. The gesture of the hands around the GPS is commonly used to symbolise a ladies private areas. Children visit this site on a regular basis, and we should not introduce them to these subliminal messages. I think you need to get out more, and I don't mean the moors...
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