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  1. My other half has a TB fetish, she just simply cannot resist wanting to grab it when she sees it. We however try to grab only the ones of which we think we can fullfil their goal. Now for my question, I have noticed many many TB's being grabbed/moved with fairly simple goals (take piccie of xyz etc etc) that just haven't been done. I've seen some TB's get moved 8/9/10 times without one single pic/action completed attached to their log. Why do people bother grabbing one if they do not have the intention of playing the TB's game? I can understand someone picking one up from a 'desolate' cache and placing it in a more 'active' area to increase the chance of finds, but grabbing one for the sake of grabbing? Seriously, what's the fun in that? Or do most people not read about the TB's and just assume it needs moving to somewhere else, 'current goal : to travel the world/Europa/cross the atlantic etc' kinda TB's? We ourselves are getting ready to place our first few caches, one of them will contain a TB with a specific goal to be carried out by the person who grabs it. Should I explicitly mention for people NOT to grab it if they aren't going to 'do' what is requested?? Will this be off putting and result in my TB getting stranded somewhere forever?? Tis confusing me a bit to be honest, as I'd hate to see my (I think 'good') idea for a TB's goal get burried in a wasteland of grabs/drops without any logs, or stuck in a void What is your view on this?
  2. I'd just like to say thanks for giving a huge amount of info here which has finally helped me make my choice. For about 2 weeks now i've been scouting around trying to decide between the 60csx and the colorado. So Glad I found these forums (duh, I shoulda registered sooner with geocaching) Anyway, thanks again for the info peeps! *edit - I went for the 60csx
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