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  1. We cache as a family, sometimes me and the SOH, sometimes me, her and our son. We do this for fun and quality family outdoors time that is interesting to my son. In the adults only case to get some mileage on our boots as well. From that point of view, I can't ever see myself hitting 50+ caches a day. We're starting to eyeball circular walks now which 'might' get us 10-30+ a day, but meh, more in it for the walk then anything else. Each to his own I suppose.
  2. this we cleared our local area just to make sure we had space to place a cache. I can't imagine wanting to clock xyz a day just for the numbers.. jeez, i wanna have fun on a day out, not hit a quota, that's what work is for eh?
  3. I think it's more to do with the fact that if you don't 'know' this one, you can't find the answer easily. *my google fu is too weak for this one*
  4. 11.4 miles it seems *still has one 'right next door' that needs doing
  5. That would be a DING!! Thank you Lord Robert Baden Powell set up Scouting. What was the name of his sister (Who set up Guiding)? Agnes?
  6. HA! Success, you'll be back!
  7. *peeks @ log note * Look on the , you now have an excuse to come over to the UK again, HURRAY!
  8. interesting way to spell things Forest guess thats a ding then. If someone would be so kind as to post a new one I'd be more then happy, I'm atm ok at finding things, working on hiding (cache related but applies here as well)
  9. that just means night images, loosely translated ofc. I think it might be Seoul? GC1HQDN as token cache?
  10. A friend and I are planning to walk Hadrian's wall next year around may/june, we'll pretty much be following the standard route going from east to west, and wouldn't mind picking up a few caches along the way. I had a quick snoop already and saw a lot of caches but was wondering if anyone knows of a series of caches following the wall? Also, any hints/tips with regards to the walk are welcome
  11. For me personally quality has nothing to do with what is in the box, that's my 4yr old son's domain. Quality to me means a good hunt and a clever hide. Pine cone nano's and the sorts mean nothing to me if it doesn't fit the above. I am not interested in playing 'camowarsonline'. with the above in mind, awesome, but please stick it in caches we will remember and we will be most grateful edit : I'd like you to make me think, not frustrate me (puts flame suit on)
  12. I saw that last one, looks verrrrry interesting, too bad my other half is working or you'd prolly already have seen the log for it she finishes at 7pm, YAY! but ye, tis good fun placing one, we'll be taking it slow as I don't particularly want to place any for the sake of placing them, our first one isn't spectacular as it's kinda our kids cache, but I intend to take my time and place quality, not quantity. Just means (as you are well aware of I am sure) it takes a lot of time finding the right spots for the right ideas. edit : yay, tis been a year since I joined
  13. so far it''s been out two days, and found two times, and both me and my better half have been thrilled everytime it was found (as well as mega excited while waiting for the first find, thank god for gmail auto refresh!) I think with the caches we have planned for the future, we could end up being 50/50 with regards to the OP's question
  14. not an ideal solution, but one I use sometimes when the site is slow. Untick all cache types, zoom to your range and tick one cache type at a time. ie, tick multi's, check out the area, untick, tick regulars etc.. I noticed for me (being in the UK) that during my daytimes I don't have to use this method at all, but when the US wakes up/gets active it's sometimes needed, especially in cache dense spots. hope this helps a bit
  15. You have mail.... Chris Graculus Volunteer UK Reviewer for geocaching.com UK Geocaching Information & Resources website www.follow-the-arrow.co.uk/resources YAY!
  16. Found a few, currently waiting for our first hide to get reviewed/activated. We like the hunt a lot (especially for caches placed by the lovely people above me ), but we are hella excited over our hide! Even though it's a fairly easy one, it's still gonna be our first, and its awesome, WOOT!!
  17. My other half has a TB fetish, she just simply cannot resist wanting to grab it when she sees it. We however try to grab only the ones of which we think we can fullfil their goal. Now for my question, I have noticed many many TB's being grabbed/moved with fairly simple goals (take piccie of xyz etc etc) that just haven't been done. I've seen some TB's get moved 8/9/10 times without one single pic/action completed attached to their log. Why do people bother grabbing one if they do not have the intention of playing the TB's game? I can understand someone picking one up from a 'desolate' cache and placing it in a more 'active' area to increase the chance of finds, but grabbing one for the sake of grabbing? Seriously, what's the fun in that? Or do most people not read about the TB's and just assume it needs moving to somewhere else, 'current goal : to travel the world/Europa/cross the atlantic etc' kinda TB's? We ourselves are getting ready to place our first few caches, one of them will contain a TB with a specific goal to be carried out by the person who grabs it. Should I explicitly mention for people NOT to grab it if they aren't going to 'do' what is requested?? Will this be off putting and result in my TB getting stranded somewhere forever?? Tis confusing me a bit to be honest, as I'd hate to see my (I think 'good') idea for a TB's goal get burried in a wasteland of grabs/drops without any logs, or stuck in a void What is your view on this?
  18. I'd just like to say thanks for giving a huge amount of info here which has finally helped me make my choice. For about 2 weeks now i've been scouting around trying to decide between the 60csx and the colorado. So Glad I found these forums (duh, I shoulda registered sooner with geocaching) Anyway, thanks again for the info peeps! *edit - I went for the 60csx
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