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  1. Well, you can't blame people not wanting to get sunburn! With a bit of luck we'll have a few clouds tomorrow to make sure we dont all burn to a crisp *nudges Dorsetgal to stick to the official 'it's always sunny in England' propaganda
  2. luckily the weather forecast is fantastic!
  3. I suppose that wouldn't be a bad thing if it means all those containers will become new caches that I can find! Then again, I hope people don't stock up on tool boxes/screw and nail containers here! But that touches on a fear I have as well - and why I want to limit this cache a little. Another question - if I put a padlock on the container and placed the key in a film canister, can I get each finder to re-hide the key in a different place and post the coordinates in their log? Or would that fall under ALR as well? yes Why don't you make the big cache a mystery cache? lets say the bonus cache for a series of 5-10 caches?? That way you ensure people have said x amount of finds? Make sure some of those hides are sneaky ones, and I'd say anyone finding the bonus cache has passed the caching exam eh? **quick edit - This is for HoD in case she follows the topic: no, no you cannot use this idea!! Your hides are sneaky enough as it is!
  4. What if someone is scouting places for a new cache, and goes : ooohh, shiney!!!! far fetched, but you never know eh.. much easier to use the help of a close friend who can 'drop' the TB ring in the cache prior to your arrival at GZ? That way there is a much smaller timeframe in which the ring is all alone in the scary woods
  5. this picture, without a doubt, is way to big. I ask you, in the spirit of the game, please make it smaller so it actually remains a bit of a challenge. thanks muchly!
  6. How do the star gates work? How long does it take a travel bug to go though the worm hole? Can I meet Samantha Carter? that's two questions to many!
  7. I'm glad I am not part of 'your community'. 20 odd years ago I was one of those so called 'students'. I won't bore you with the details of it as you clearly have already formed your opinion but let's just say I learnt quite a bit from my short spell with OB. Went back to college, joined the army and I currently run my own business (yes, it's legit before you start asking ). I would like to say you are being extremely narrow minded, and trying to link cache theft to your brainfarts is out of order in my not so humble opinion. Cache theft happens everywhere, try not to single out a specific group as perpetrators eh? GL with yourself and your prejudice, seems you need it more then said 'students'.
  8. you can use this thread to read about UK maps that are free. Also, it's in the UK subforums, come have a look
  9. the se cachers forum has some hardcore Ipaq users, i'm sure they'll be able to help you out Clicky here
  10. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=234774 yer 'just' in time
  11. All people who decide to participate will recieve a paypal invoice....... once paid via paypal they will be covered by the paypal buyer protection and can claim back every penny (but they wont have too as they will recieve there coins and be very happy) also if i was intending on ripping anyone off i whould be using a puppet username and not the same registered user name for the geocaching website and the same name i have used thruout the forum!! Groundspeak hold my full address, as do Paypal and even one of my caches - GC1V4VD - The Alektorophobia Challenge is in my own garden so not very hard to track me down!! glad you cleared that one up then. GL
  12. as someone who has been asking for free coins as he has no money to buy any (see your previous posts) I don't think I'd trust you with my £45 if I were inclined to join such a 'club'. You're asking people to cough up >£1000 total in advance here. A bit much me thinks for something solely based on trust. Most people will do the same quick background check as I did and might come to the same conclusion, might not tho. GL *edit - lemme just make clear I wouldn't give anyone £45 without some form of trust, but for me that would have to be earned first. Seeing your previous posts in that case wouldn't be a great start (to me). Hope that clarifies what I am trying to convey a bit.
  13. No. My phone requires a special kind of microsd card that costs about $40. if its a 2009 phone it will have a camera and ways of getting pics onto your pc via cable, just learn to work your phone? Google it and job done?
  14. meh, i wouldn't go thru the £ effort just to attend the event, i'd rather follow the general idea and make an outing out of it might just hook up for the 'main' island session instead tho, dunno yet.. but ye, well up for some if not all of it! *glances over shoulder @ missus (and this time 4yr old) ps, i'd be bringing the bike for sure
  15. *glances over shoulder* perhaps the wife will let me off for that long, not sure yet, looks good tho
  16. what kinda timescale are you looking at for the entire thing? Counting trad's/multi's only its >200 caches, add to this travel times between the island its not going to be a short affair me thinks?
  17. hehe, now worries worm holes + shooting stuff = eve online
  18. tis a very common pub quiz question tbh, at least 9 pubs have posed this one already, so I'll let someone else answer it
  19. bbc reports geocaching inhibits forum posting and may cause brain damage!!! say it ain't so!!
  20. yes Yes Are you two entering the Synchronised Posting Championships this year? MrsB hmm, are we 100% sure there are actually 'two'?
  21. Where? under attributes in your pq : 'recommended at night'
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