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  1. I recently went from my nexus to the S4, I just logged into the play store on my phone and almost all my apps (including the geocaching one) got automatically dropped on the S4. A few didn't move across but those I just searched for the app itself in the store then clicked on the 'installed' button, then 'choose to install on another device' and then selected my new phone from the drop down menu. hope this helps!
  2. I used to do this by swapping sd cards to and fro, interesting it can now be done directly with a cable. edit - just ordered the cable on ebay, £1.36 lol!
  3. It's not just that, but the 15 mile uphill slogs in the snow, barefoot there and back for just a single nano is what did us in then. Luckily these days kids have it much easier
  4. if you are looking for phone only this nexus is pretty decent, I had it's predecessor and it performed well. There is only 1 major drawback if you consider it to be one and that is the fact you cannot expand storage (not a big deal in most cases). And, it's very well priced!
  5. Aww dadgum, sorry, we got excluded due to the age gap and distance here, hahaha! Ach ja, zo gaat dat eh? Mischien een idee om een event te organiseren terwijl je hier bent? In iedere geval veel plezier hier met je vakantie! groetjes, TN
  6. "Betelgeuse,Betelgeuse,Betelgeuse!!" <_< ah well, guess that didn't work either..
  7. If you can find the time to find caches, which you have been doing consistently, you can find time to do more then just write notes about what maintenance you intend to do in the future. That's one thing that I never quite understand:"I'll replace when I have time/can blah blah blah.." and then people go out caching for the weekend??? I thought it was maintenance first, then caching, oh well...
  8. huh?? Dus als het mijn land is kan ik doen en laten wat ik wil??
  9. clearly the answer in your case should be: Kevin Bacon :laughing:
  10. I'd hope Sadex has the mind set to check this in order to prevent it from happening.
  11. Cool! Alrighty, easy one: What is the name of the capsule that SpaceX put in orbit last Friday which successfully docked with the ISS 2 days later?
  12. International Reply Coupons are accepted. International Reply Coupons are accepted. Unfortunately International Reply Coupon are not available in the Netherlands. Just an FYI which could be handy for the next person asking or until HRP updates their website. After a few phonecalls today I found out IRC's are no longer for sale in the UK, reference Here
  13. Cheers! I'll stick with the theme, what are the names of the airlines the 4 hijacked planes belonged to?
  14. saw and was amazed by something in one of the frozen planet episodes, something Moth something?
  15. how about this instead: German Shops
  16. Quick question : Is it possible that lets say two cachers were kneeling/bending down in the area trying to find the cache, who then upon finding it both stood up and emerged from below the barrier hight, could scare the crap out of a passing driver who was previously unaware of their presence as they were hidden 1 second before??
  17. The moment the money was publicly pledged to charities it ceased to be anything but the charities money. To try and change that now would be equal to stealing. Robbing a charity, what great legacy to leave behind.
  18. Erm... That's pretty much what I meant when I said 'filter using GSAK' Can anyone think of an easier method? found a few challenge caches via google. perhaps looking at some targets and then checking the bookmark lists might help you out? otherwise, t4/5 caches for a certain area might be the way to go, faster me thinks? Mark found a few challenge caches via google. perhaps looking at some targets and then checking the bookmark lists might help you out? otherwise, t4/5 caches for a certain area (then check bookmarks?)might be the way to go, faster me thinks?
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