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  1. We have a new cat (6 months), a Russian Blue my daughter found living in an abandoned car at a convenience store. I can't tell if it's just too stupid to take care of itself or if it is absolutely trusting... there's a fine line! It sleeps on my bed. It weighs maybe 2 pounds. I weigh 270. No matter what I do it lays there. One of these days I am going to roll over and crush it. When I am in my wheelchair its favorite place is rubbing or nestled at my foot. I can't see her down there under the chair so I am always scared to roll around. One of these days my wheel is gonna get her. I live in fear of those things. She needs to learn the difference between blind faith and common sense! It is nice but un-nerving to have something so thoroughly trust my every move. Or maybe it's just stupid. I've found that the animals we rescued usually display an immense amount of trust, tis a good thing really they just always wanna be close for some reason. we rescued a foxhound a few years back, and she pretty much slept on my shoulder whenever she could till she passed.
  2. tell me you did that without fishing the coords from the pic
  3. Good advise. Maybe you ought to take it. What you see as elitism is the attempt to keep a certain level of quality to the hobby that has been enjoyed up until recently. There has been a slow decline to the hobby into the lowest common denominator (something you're mentioned in a different context.) Yes, actions that we're talking about having been happening for a long time. There was no switch to flip, but it's been a slow infiltration of a certain type of hobbyist who is moving the hobby away from the way it was played years ago. Yes, you're one of the one's I'm talking about. Quite frankly, if those like you had never showed up on the scene this hobby would be better off. How? Look at your own profile to garner a little insight. More than half your cache placements are micros--mostly in places that could support a much larger cache. Only one regular. Can't tell from the list the quality of the hide--time is short. From your finds you rather find a micro or small and definitely would rather find a traditional. Now I haven't done a whole lot of research to see if that's all that is available to you, but on first blush this tells me you're lazy. Place easy, cheap hides and like to maximize your smilie to effort ratio. Now, you're in a thread about log size and cut-n-paste. Are you lazy? I don't know. Maybe your style of caching is all you know. You might not have ever had the chance to experience caching the way us old timers have. You know, (well, you wouldn't, never mind) the chaff-to-wheat ratio very low. Today, in order to get the wife out caching I have to hand pick caches for her. She'd rather not go when she used to be rabid about caching. Yes, it's that different. I don't know, it could be you're defending short or cut-n-paste logs because you feel that's all your caches are getting and you think that's a measure of your caches. Guess what, it is. Anyway, the elitism you see is actually you looking up to a standard many of us have seen exist and would like for that to continue. let me know when your next class of : "how to act like a twit" is so i know when to stear clear of the area. thanks.
  4. from what I hear it matters little if they are inside a 50cal ammo box. joking aside, i'd say up. but i think moisture issues with them in general has more to do with cachers not closing it properly/making sure the lid is free of protruding plastic&paper then anything else.
  5. neh, thanks, interpol might finally catch up with me otherwise.
  6. All you need to do now is post this for the 3rd time in the GPS forums as well, and you got 3 of a kind, YAY!
  7. is the other cache of which the coords are provided really there? oh, wrong thread...
  8. Hmm, you take on a certain responsability though by placing a cache? Or am I missing something?
  9. Could it be possible the limitations set by the garmin app are related to the size limit of the free OS map you can print/copy etc? see here : Free OS
  10. Make that count for all countries and you got my vote
  11. Gah, haven't been home for Sinterklaas in over 10 years! *misses that*
  12. hahaha, thats awesome, and agreed, he should log it as 'Attended'.
  13. not rat, that was last year, I forgot what comes after it tho.
  14. LOL, thanks for that! *goes to clean keyboard after spraying coffee all over it*
  15. Uhm, if i'd be female, you'd be still dating your gps. try talking to people in RL perhaps? Socialise? Mingle? *does not believe in intarwebs dating.
  16. Sorry but no piccie or link John B that was a clue (altho i didnt get it), look 2 posts above it
  17. all depends on what you enjoy most. sounds like you are asking people to decide for you what to do on hols. If yer on the fence, just cram all the caches you can into your gps and take it with you. up to you to turn it on or not. if you have enough haha's outside caching, yay, if not, flick it on and have a look around
  18. may the best of your past be the worst of your future! cache on!
  19. Apologies if you don’t feel mine is much of a series but I’ve tried to concentrate on researching the history of the fire station to make it an interesting cache instead of just having a picture on the cache page with the name of the station under it. ignore the moaners, near London there are church micro lists longer then my hair, coal post lists almost as long just to name a few. I don't hear anyone moaning about those, while 99% are micros. And prolly 99% of the moaners in range has done one or more. do what you like, I like big boxes but i appreciate series that are well maintained and target something specific. GL with yer series
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