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  1. Not the first time I heard this. I think there was an issue recently with some pq's showing scottish caches. Could be that its working fine, and you are just loading one of those crappy PQ's. Try running a newly generated PQ perhaps? *ninja edit - just checked with the peeps in IRC and it seems the PQ that showed Scottish caches instead of locals was generated by a postcode search?
  2. crap uhm, i'll get the next one up when i wake up and have had some coffee, watch this space kinda thing.
  3. Jennings DING Thanks for that, so to keep it easy. How many vertebrae in the neck of a Pygmy shrew? throwing out the obvious 7 here.
  4. *thinks a new term for this is in order* something like, uhm, "necrovertising" perhaps, combining the fine art of a necro with business advertisement? Anyone else got a better one we might be able to use?
  5. I object most strongly! I second this motion.
  6. The humor and fun stops when you want to create such a cache yourself. For sure, it'll get refused by the reviewer with the guidelines as argument. just sounds like Butthurt to me mate..
  7. Sorry to necro this but I thought it might be handy for others as well. Thanks for that linky!
  8. *waits for DrSolly to actually physically log the cache as a milestone.*
  9. the car boot sale forums above, google, and ebay are your friend. welcome to the madhouse btw
  10. x-post from UK forums : In the last few weeks I have probably received 1/3 of the notifications I should have received, this has been particularly obvious when logging a days caching with my personal tracker. Also one of my caches was found whilst I was on holiday, never received a notification for that.
  11. Just got home from a holiday, and found this thread. Words fail me.. Our toughts are with you. Alex, Susan & Cyrus
  12. I wouldnt mind seeing a combination of ideas, I think Fitz mentioned a 'flag' button which i like, but couple that with a header on the cache along the lines of : 'This cache has been marked for review' Or something similar. Much along the lines of the headers of archived/disabled caches. insta heads up for people scouting the cache and thus preventing duplicate anonymous flags, and very very visible. One could make sure a 'flag' log could only be logged once per cache (anonymous if needed altho I personally dont see the point) until resolved, then auto forwarded/added to a reviewer only DB of caches in need of attention.
  13. what??? You mean you don't have one already???? slacker!!!!!
  14. Does it matter? This isn't the Running Man, you will live at the end of it. *needs more sleep and possibly a holiday or 16*
  15. good pictures are not taken by good camera's, but by good photographers for example
  16. most the time they have to just to get there, it's not like all yards are dead in the middle of said area. You cant exactly teleport your horse. 99% of riders dont WANT to be on the roads ever.
  17. more honesty in logs/more PM's and people actually reading said logs in advance would be a good start, lets all do that for a year or two then revisit said suggestions. ""great hide, tftc!"" was/is it? Tell me so I can change it please.
  18. Should minimize the "omg horrible coords, instead i found the cache at xyz coords" logs
  19. That sounds like a plan. Alternatively, as a lot of us use that social networking thing, maybe we should additionally start a group up? ugh, a lot of us dont as well bookmark at least covers everyone cache wise
  20. I started this thread just to provoke a bit of entertainment and debate. MrsB You know, I was thinking that with enough iTunes credits added to my iTunes account that I might be persueded to ban MrsB's account for six months for starting this topic. (Just kidding of course MrsB, you know I love ya'. ) what's yer swiss paypal account? The guys in the IRC channel will all contribute I am sure! *grins*
  21. wow 18 caches in 5 days, good start welcome!
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