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  1. I tried for #100 = special cache then went caching and went : crap i have to stop caching if i want that 'speshul' cache... For 200 I didnt even bother... I like to grab what I can when I feel the need to do so, if it happens to be a #, great, if not, w/e
  2. About twice the size of a rabbit poo - and about as satisfying to find Dunno, finding those means humans haven't killed all animals on the planet yet, some kind of redeeming feature at least. I'll let you know if i ever think of one for nano's tho
  3. 219:2 I'll work on it edit : ran into a cache I've been keeping an eye on whilest planning tomorrows day out
  4. click on mostly anyone posting here thats been around for a bit (not me ), check their caches found, check the events attended. reading the listings and the logs will give you some idea of whats going on
  5. Yeah, chocolate houses are really interesting to yomp
  6. I am with Amberel here 100% try replacing " but i am merely trying to walk before i can run." with "Start as you mean to go on"
  7. aah, I thought the round shaped area looked like a prison, but wasn't sure, it intrigued me. Luckily with the answer and the next question came the clues i needed for google, interesting!
  8. x mile time trial : x caches, x miles track, fastest time from start to finish with 1 dnf max wins relay : x caches, coords for the next cache you will find in every cache, get coords, return to start area and gpsr + coords gets handed to the next team cacher fastest time wins all very doable at a next event
  9. That is only because all my cache owners (especially goldpot) are all so wonderful that they have read and fully digested the gc.com and uk guidelines for all their cache submissions and are such jolly good eggs. So I have very little to do. Oh and also because London is nearly full and the only space left is in the royal parks and that is a no go area. Easy clicky So not true!!! Lotsa space
  10. Did you originally have it setup to connect to your gpsr?
  11. I love oregano on topic : zagg screenies are ok
  12. Which forums are you browsing through, as you can't be referring to this one? Honestly, I have been frequenting this forum for well over 6 years and it has always been like this. back in 2005 I posted a similar thread titled Marmite, despite lots of forum users agreeing with me, nothing has actually changed. I am also ashamed to admit that I have been sucked into the angst on more occasions than I wish to remember. I try my best to stay out of it, but I just hate to see people who have double standards and short memories when they have their whinges. Ah well, must be my old age or my rose tinted specs...but I'm still convinced these forums used to be busier and more helpful... but there we go. Used to have fun on another forum by seeing how many 'depths' of quoting we could get into one posting (this one now has three) before the forum ground to a halt or a moderator popped up and told us to stop being silly. It was a lot more than three So what was the highest it got to? was it 5? or may be even 6? I never seen the point of all this quoting thingy... how does it work anyways?
  13. its the cache listing itself that applies to. We buy and leave all kinds of charity pins, nothing wrong with that me thinks.
  14. i'll have a go, not that great at puzzles but my google-fu is pretty good
  15. Quoting a wise person (source a different forum) : "" I'll make this Statement again, The maintenance of owned caches, must take first priority. the order of priority should be i: Maintaining Owned caches ii: Finding caches iii: Placing Caches "" so yeah, what he said
  16. a hobby with a lot of potential to turn into an addiction
  17. check this out : caligulaeatyourheartout
  18. Well it must be after WWI but not 1920 because Belgium is too flat, so I'll go for France 1924 and the only place I can think of is Tignes thats 1 black peg *grins* Agree with 1924 but think it was Chamonix. Ding!
  19. Well it must be after WWI but not 1920 because Belgium is too flat, so I'll go for France 1924 and the only place I can think of is Tignes thats 1 black peg *grins*
  20. okies, easy one : given that the Olympics just kicked off, give me the year and location of the first official Winter Olympics please
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