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  1. nice one! Molokini Island : GC1QAVZ - Snorkeling in a volcano
  2. Lordy, he's kept almost all trackables he ran into...
  3. *laughs* lol, the irony you started the game with your rules eh, you should finish it as intended its about who you go with, not where you go But as it's next door, so i'll see what I can do
  4. sounds like its a corrupt file (mouldy cookie!!) as it's only on this site. try clearing those geocaching/Groundspeak forums cookies (tools/options/privacy/remore indvidual cookies) and then try again? Failing that deleting the cookies file itself might work : follow this and delete the cookies.sqlite file (with FF closed). Note, you'll of course lose all cookies that way. let us know how you get on!
  5. Uhm, I think you just need to relax a bit. *edit - after letting this sink in a bit, I think you could do with some professional help, seriously
  6. this, this, this, this, SO this! ad hoc caching or being able to change plans and still able to cache is divine.
  7. had a quick peek, and was susprised it wasn't themed with food types, I kinda expected to find 'indian' pizza' 'chinese' 'kebabs' etc etc, that be grand for someone from out of town. I know if i was in the neighbourhood and hungry and saw lets say : 'Grub Grab - Kebab anyone?' I could be tempted If I fancied it But all in all a good idea, today saw published the first of a 'real ale' themed series, bringing the attention to country pubs etc. Similar idea. I like themed series, always good fun to do 'something else'. As mentioned before, you cannot please everyone, so just keep on doing em
  8. We once spent 25 mins looking for a multi listed as.............................a multi, at stage 1, DOH!
  9. Downloading it now. *off topic havent played for years, interested in a game via pm?
  10. mainly : Weight (very big factor for me), carrying an extra 400-700 grams on your feet is like an extra x kilos in your pack. Comfort (again, for me). My feet are tricky, I've found few leather boots I can get a long with long term due to sweat, I love the higher breathability of fabric boots. Also, fabric boots either fit, or they dont, not much walking in needed which can be good for a first time buyer. And with fabric boots in general being less rigid I find walking in them simply more comfortable. The only real drawback in my opinion of fabric boots is durability vs leather ones, especially higher end leather boots which can easily be resoled. (Fabric boots can as well, but imo hardly worth it.) Agreeing with you tho, look after your feet and they'll look after you. It's one of those things I'd never skimp on, I'd rather spend extra and be comfortable. *goes to tend to his 4 pairs of boots/shoes*
  11. as mentioned by a few, it matters little what we all wear. Get in a few shops, try on what you can afford and a bit higher, find out what you like and take notes. Then hunt the web for those shoes, they'll likely be cheaper or on sale directly off the web. I'd recommend going for non leather boots, so go for a decent fabric/GTX boot first. If later you become a hardcore 4 season hier you can always start looking into those (altho I probably still wouldn't personally)
  12. Yeah, that would be a problem. Even listing it as unknown size just to confuse (lie to) the finder would be a problem in my eyes. I thought that's exactly what 'unknown' was for, sneaky hides/confusion etc?
  13. meld het hier ook even, kunnen ze meelachen jij bent echt ffies de weg kwijt eh?
  14. The new Oregon 550 has a camera built in so will the next model have a SIM card too? Chris (MrB) next model doesnt even have the cam built in :S
  15. Personally, that appeals to me. As a noob I'm a little wary of multis ... I'd hate to DNF one element after finding some and have nothing to show for what I've found if that makes sense. A bonus cache awarded on finding the others - well that sounds ideal. But what about the sense of satisfaction when you do complete all parts? To me one good multi can be more memorable than a host of cache n dashes. Saying that I like trads too Airdefenderuk - both cache types have a chance of going missing, be it a stage or a box with a clue thats needed. Don't be afraid of the multi's
  16. memory map is just divine, nothing like being able to plot your way in/through in 'foreign' territory ahead of the day. (or just in a dream like state, for 'the future at some point in time' kinda thing)
  17. bumpage for all the new cachers http://hokesters.co.uk/geochat/ http://www.geochat.co.uk/chat/ And for peeps with an irc client : IPV4: irc.z.je IPV6: 6.irc.z.je port 6667 #geocaching *edit cos someone made me add links and I was scared of her beating me up with gardening tools.... *edit 2 - client details added
  18. there's no forum for London cachers afaik. kinda says it all.
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