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  1. nope don't know a UK supplier, but its with you in a few days when you order.
  2. Last thing we need I think. Delete + polite email works much better.
  3. placed one about 6 weeks ago, still hasn't been approved. or submitted
  4. ok here's a clue for the islands name, the feeling you get for a DNF I'm sure there are no islands called : £%$^ this, let's go.
  5. my thoughts : UK isnt the only leftie country in answer to dave : yes we are, it's just a good one
  6. I don't think you quite get my earlier comment. The cache isn't hard obviously judging from the logs, it's just hard for ME. GL for you being the nah nah nah nah nah* tho *see keehotee's post
  7. Oooh, which one is that...? clicky I swear I get some kind of personal 'stooooopid' filter applied when I get within 50ft, note the difficulty
  8. MY personal nemesis gets found regularly by uhm, almost 'everyone' i think. People with 4 finds, 50 finds, 400 finds, they all find it, but not me. Nooo, noooooooo, not me..... I take it that's how it works for most people, so I doubt making a list is useful. /makes mental note to go for DNF #4 soon.
  9. Everytrail Garmin themselves have a similar thingie, but this one looks a hell of a lot more user friendly.
  10. My apologies for enjoying caching with my family.
  11. This is a little gem I recently found out about, even if you know only part of the username you can find people here : http://www.geocaching.com/find/default.aspx *edit - uhm, yeah, what gushoneybun said
  12. yup have done the exact same (and bolded for emphasis)
  13. That looks harder than the one I found, where would I get one of those? bilz puzzles. clicky
  14. DING! didn't expect this one to take long at all, given the current situation. (currently has family staying over for an 'extra' few days)
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