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  1. if a snotty reply was received, it's most likely in the trackables best interest not to advertise this event. Just in case the snotty reply delivery person actually reads these forums just my two somethings, ya know?
  2. Understood. My concern was the build quality. I have seen other brands and I was not overly impressed. Thanks for the input, I will keep looking... I am partial to some Osprey packs, due to the torso adjustment that they offer. Being 6'4 makes me slightly picky.
  3. I think the moment you step away from the 'bladder and minimalist compartment' which Camelbak does really well you are better off including any day pack from any brand that fits your back and is hydration compatible. You will likely get a better fit and perhaps a cheaper price.
  4. very tempted here as well, will look at logistics travel wise a bit more and let you know
  5. If you had researched the details beforehand you would be aware that we had noticed comments about the forum being closed to non-members. Assuming no objections are raised by the current membership the forums on UK Cachers will be available for all to view from midnight tonight. AFAIK anyone is welcome to join. Nobody has objected, that's the point. So anyone is free to view your tirade of abuse you posted. Most people who know me would feel I don't need to hide in a sock, or on Facebook. So why use an alternative user name and not stand by the caching name that everyone knows you by? So why don't you and your mates post your facebook vitriol here?..... I'm not even going to give you the time of day to justify myself in any way shape or form. You're just a part time business who didn't get enough commercial exposure on the emcache sites, and threw a hissy fit over a thread you started that attacked a reviewer for asking you to move a cache....a thread in which I supported the reviewer..(please take note DC).... someone please lock this thread, it's even more sad then my team losing to Spain. thanks.
  6. proper Zinc Oxide tape is your friend if you insist on pre-emptive 'treatment'.
  7. having played with this a few times, you are better off planning your route around caches when on a bike then the other way around. I found it to be effective for long car trips (leg stretchers along a route!) only to be honest.
  8. The cacher that posted the NA explained how caching worked to security. So there is a chance they would give the CO the box if he asked for it. if they haven't binned it already so, mail the CO (perhaps the NA guy?) I'd say, good luck.
  9. Also we have B Road Bedlam. Did one the other day. Decent sized box that required a short walk 'cos I couldn't get any closer than 20 feet in my car. i'm sure thats a direct rip-off from the awesome series 'Lay-by Lock&Locks'
  10. afaik the moment you create the cache page with it's coords you reserve that little circle. This of course can't last forever, if a spot has been 'claimed' for yonks it is not unreasonable to ask for said placer to either put up or shut up, imo.
  11. now, I can't say micro's get me off kinda thing, but the above seriously makes no sense? Care to elaborate?
  12. you could pm alicephilippa, she has done them (or most of them) and I'm sure she'll be more then willing to give you some intel.
  13. I love cows well, certain parts and on a plate....
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