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  1. Forgivce my ignorance but have no idea what the 528 rule is or any other number rule, i geocahce for the fun of it, nothing more, nothing less, i enjoy the frill of finding whats in the little box or the gratification of finding that illusive micro/nano. If i were to attend an event like what you did and they started saying what your said i probably feel the same way, it's all about fun of getting out there, getting together with fellow cachers and enjoying yourself, NOT discussing what YOU CAN'T do. I've heard that as a rule you can not look for a cahce for more than 10mins once you reach GZ, whether this be true or not... I personally don't give a rats , ill keep searching until iv'e had enough, i abide by the rules set out in local area and do not falsafy logs which some do. That type of event which you went to sound WAY TOO SERIOUS for an everyday cacher but i guess like any other sport/activitary some people take it too seriously. But like what was mentioned in previous posts everyone has their own opinion. Enjoy the fun and don't let one person sway you from that.
  2. Thank for the answers, that was my thought myself that people actually print them myself but also maybe there was a store or somwhwhere you could buy them pre-laminated in bulk. Once again thank you.
  3. I second thats, since my purchace of the Oregon400t have had no real problems with it and with the new fireware found it to be very accurate even under heavy cover, lock on time is pretty much instant, able to hold 2000 Caches all paperless and tonnes of other features, you would be very happy with the unit, but that's just my opinon.
  4. Wondering the same thing myself
  5. We just listed our first cache and it a puzzle one where you had to get the Co-ords from the movie, eg, year relseased, how many guests, how much rewards etc. So yes it is allowed. I think on a personal note these type of cache makes it abit more fun and challenging.
  6. Have the same model and never encountered anything like you are describing, Knight2000 said make sure you have the latest fireware, if that fails i would be returning it to gamin.
  7. I would assume most cache holders would appreciate some maintance if needed. I was out cacheing a few weeks back and came across a cache hidden, but still in the weather with the lid cracked so water would get in when it rained, so i used a Latex glove out of my firstaid kit to cover the container, looked kind of odd but at least it wold keep the rain.
  8. It's under "member features" for premium members. This is a link http://www.geocaching.com/notify/ - I have mine set up to send me a message for any new notification within a 15 mile radius of my home coordinates. Is the sms feature only avalible to certian countryes, i am a premium member and see no option at all that i can see to send a sms, only via email which i have enable and seems to work ok.
  9. currently using an Oregon 400t post 2.98 accuracy was nearly always 3metres and was very happy, install 2.98 last night and rebooted, took about 10mins to lock on to all sats but only 15metre accuracy at that stage was not too happy but come to think about it later on i was standing outside on my back balcony with other houses around. but this morning was back down to 3metres so decided to try it out to find a cache and it was spot on, down to 0-1 metre so was very happy but will continue to monitor it.
  10. Count me in for one, as a member of one of the strike teams depolyed in Victoria as part of the NSWFB any money raised would be more than appreciated by anyone who was living in the community.
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