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  1. WW Autoroute DEM Basemap NR & Topo Australia V2, that is what came standard straight out of the box
  2. Not sure, maybe different countrys have different things, but the Australian version has Autorouting
  3. My unit right out of the box Oregon 400t has street by street routing, only map installed was the standard Topo, and it re routes, im not sure why u would say it doesnt, The street mapping may not be as detailed as CN but it does the job perfectly.
  4. I personally recommend the Oregon series, 300 or 400, easy to use, street navigation, almost instant sat lock ons and best of all easy to use
  5. I haver noticed reading all the post some people are having big issues with this updates and previous and yet other have none including myself, i own a Oregon 400t and have been installing all the beta's since i beleive 2.96 and have never had an issue, only improvements, the only thing i have noticed was the black and white screen on close down, but it is not a real issue with me, the unit still shuts off normally and has never had an issue loading maps, aquireing sats and the Accuracy has been fantastic.(so far). Its just surprizing to see others having big problems and has me wondering if they orginally purchased a faulty unit, having corrupted maps or even a bad manufactured cheap sd card and blaming it on the firmware. For me the Beta's have been a step forward, but will continue to monitor it. Or maybe im just lucky.
  6. before i got my Oregon 400t i use and sometimes still do use my Nokia N95 for geocaching the "Geocache Navigatgor" i found it to be great but found the accuracy out at approx 10m, which from what ive read from normal gps is normal, it has bascially everything you need and more, as long as you have coverage you can download caches nearby right into your phone with all the info, including hints. The only downside i found was under deep cover you may lose sat reception and you have to be moving for the compass to work, then again alot of Gps units are like that. I would definatly recommend this for caching if that is all you have.
  7. Also rememeber that most coupons have an expiry date, i have come across a few that have been out of date by many years.
  8. I've personally have had no problem with the invisible shield, as was said previously, make sure you clean the screen well, and squeeze out the air when your are applying it and remeber to keep it flat. Unfortunatly if you still have air bubbles are a few days, you will have to remove it and start again with a fresh clean Shield.
  9. just commentting on one thing. I own a Oregon 400t, straight out of the box, not addition maps and found street navigation (Australia) great, it seems to have all the streets (havent come across any that has not been added as yet) already in the unit(no city navigator) and turn by turn working wonderful, it gets me to where i need to go, has plenty of POI, one day im sure Garmin will release a Voice prompt handheld unit, but for now the Beeps are fine.
  10. i had the same problem when i first got my Oregon 400, so dont feel bad
  11. Can't get much easier than the Garmin Oregon series GPS, large touch screen, just push the number like your phone and hit the big green GO.
  12. need to purchase bluecharts, which you can do on the garmins website
  13. Would be a very expensive trip, not sure what taxi's charge over there, but i can imagine that the cab driver would probably charge a hell of a lot for waiting time, especially hunting for some caches, what seems like 2 mins could easily turn out to be 30+.
  14. Mine dates back before the beginning of time, where the universe was just a spec...... umm ok not really it's a lot simpler than that. My Name's Chris and my Partners is Renee. put them together and i think you can work out the rest.
  15. You missed a few words. All better now. Sorry about that. Thats what a few beers will tend to do to ya
  16. sorry about my bad spelling/gramma, a few beers will do that to you.
  17. Totally agree especailly with the new features in the upgrades fireware
  18. Wow another Aussie.not only that in NSW to. Anyway you will probably find many caches like that, most times in the description its will give you imformation about the terrain especially if its not geokid friendly, we have one around my area where ones on the edge of a cliff, many times walking around to the bottom and back up again to find it, i have found with most gps'susually about 10mtrs out at bad times so getting the location can be difficult especially with caches like yours. I believe the person placing the cache should warm other about the dangers as in your case, broken bones etc but good luck don't give up and try again at a later date.
  19. I'm in Australia and use Shonky Maps, which is one of the free topo maps http://shonkylogic.net/shonkymaps/ Probably no good for you, where you are
  20. You will be very happy with the 400t, especially once u upgrade the firmware, never owning a previous GPs i can not compare the screen brightness with any others, but i'm very happy with it, simple to use and loads of functions
  21. Whether or not the guys makes a website or not about hints, cheats or whatever, its up to the individual Geoaches if he/she chooses to use the site or not. If a person finds a puzzle cache without working it out for themselfs, its them who should be condemed, its only themselfs they are cheating. Personally if somone found my cache which i only own one at the moment and it's a puzzle with using such a site and i know 100% sure they did, i would remove their log as i suppose most people would.
  22. Just my 2cents worth. The whole idea of a puzzle cache is to solve it, that WAS the intended reasoning behind it, "to get the combination to the lock". as a few people have commented just because you know its there, or can see the cache doesnt mean you can log it as Found, especailly in these sort of caches. I might asd well put "found" when i drag a kml file into google earth, i can see them there, i know there there. might as well log em as found........ Play the game, enjoy yourselfs but play fair, most people here are MATURE and know the difference between wrong and right.
  23. I have found the Garmin Oregon 400t which i use a great usint, Full touch Screen with large Icons, Full colour screen, easy to use, not sure about durible but have been told it is, dont plan on dropping it on purpose to find out. but definatly water proof (have used it underwater to test). Only thing more expensive than other models.
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