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  1. Yes, my cache is based on a movie, in which they must get the answers from the movie to get the co-ords, but most movies you can also lookup on line to get answers.
  2. I have the same model but have never had any issue or heard of the issue you are describing, have you got the latest firmware, may help, or may be a corruption somewhere.
  3. Your placed caches are Automatically watched so nothing you need to do and you will be sent a message if somone logs it with a find or something else.
  4. Tried Google Images? They show quite abit of different images which ... you may or may not be able to use because of copyright laws
  5. Tend to agree with Google Maps, after finding a good spot for another cache, sat me gpsr down for 5 mins to get a goodlock on, which it did, then did another 6 wappoint averaging's, looked up on G.E. and but the looks of it, showed it to be about by 10-15mtrs, i know that can be normal but with others locations and things its has been pretty much spot on, so i do not always rely on G.E.
  6. I sometime go back to a cache ive already visited, but usually dont log that i have, but if you wanted you woulc add a "note" saying you revisited. I like to see whats inside and the condition of it. I revisited my very first cache i ever found a few weeks ago, brings back memories.
  7. On a few occassions ive been known to Phone a Friend
  8. First i would recommend finding only small/Regular size and up forget the micros, Reasearch before you leave the house by carefully reading the description and previous logs from people who have found them, the hints are also very useful and then lastly use Google Earth to look at the position of the cache, once you are there search the entire area carefully. I would recommend investing in a GPSr. hope this helps
  9. Naked, if its at a nudist colony
  10. Its kinda funny how your can do one thing and the so called TECH's tell you that you can't, i bet the majority of them have never even turned on a Orgeon unit let alone used one on a daily basic, anyone can read from a cue card. I'm sure there is away around the 550 reading from the SD card, just like they said you could not load the preinstalled basemap from the 400t into Mapsource, guess what there was away around it and works. If techs are going to give you advice i would surgest they actually know the unit inside out and back to front by actually using it.
  11. Kinda wierd must be a fluke with me too because i load my gpx on my sd card as well
  12. No matter how accurite your readings are, im sure there will be many others whos GPSr will almost show them a diff location no matter how many reading you take, waypoint averaging a nice little feature but as long as you lett it settle in the same location for a few minutes i'm sure you will be pretty right.
  13. just because one person does not like the contents on a cache does not mean another person doesn't, if we reported every cache a certain person doesnt like because of the contents, i doubt there would be any caches out there, there are hundreds of theme caches a few in our area, one in particular is based on david hasselhoff and everything is related to him and seeing swap card with him on baywatch in his speedos would make most males barf, but hey, doesnt mean i would report it because of my dislikes. Same goes for religious themes, its sort of on the borderline of discriminating. No one is forcing you to hunt for the cache, ignore it, the description would indicate the theme even before u walk out your front door. My 2cents worth
  14. Definatly the Oregon series, very easy to use and understand.
  15. Simple answer is Yes... And No, some caches you can easily find just by reading the description and location, even the hints and logs of other users, Google earth is also a great tool to use, but a GPS i beleive is a must especially for harder caches, Mysterys & Multi which you can not do without a gps.
  16. Totally agree, council, state forests, National Parks and wildlife organisations all use nails in the trees to post signage all around the area, if it was bad with the tree im sure conservationist like the above i mentioned would not use them. Oh don't eat carrots you can hear them screem... umm or is that corn?
  17. Personally the Garmin Orgeonm Series, easy of use, paperless, accurite and can be used in Aust for street navigation so no need to purchase a sepatrate unit.
  18. I don't feel it innapropiate, i think most peopel grew up with toy guns, playing cops and robbers, cowboys and indians, today society has gone too far banning items which THEY think is wrong, why dont u ban toy cars. Cars kill more people in the world than any weapon.
  19. lol yeah someone should check the correct units before posting, Main Screen, Press the "Where To" Icon" then press the "Coordinates" icon then enter teh Co-Ords
  20. Installed fine and fixed the Improper shutdown for me, so far so good
  21. Not sure, but here where i am there are 2 at the Local airport, one bascially outside the boundry fence near the run way and the other not that far from that.
  22. Are you refering to the basemap or something else? if it was the basemap only way to get that back is... (assuming u have not backed it up) contact garman and they can restall it on your device remotely via your PC.
  23. Yeah had a feeling something went screwy, but thoughts id add a comment just for the hell of it
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