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  1. What gps do you have that holds 8000 geocaches?
  2. Same thing with mine, even after reconditioning them, will go back to energisers
  3. Sounds like you either didnt have the updated firmware of you had a faulty unit. Ive had my 400t since it was released and has been a fantasic little unit, have done all the updates and it has only gotten better, very accutire and has never lost signal even in building and heavy cover.
  4. I have the same problem, i have about 20 Durracell 2650mAh recharables, which i purchased less than 12mths ago and in the last month or so when i have put them in my gps found all to be flat, even after recondistioning them less than a week ago. I use a PowerEX MH-C9000 Charger to charge and condition the batteries but even after than they do not hold a charge for more than a week sitting (not in a device). Just kind of strange that all the batteries being less than 12mths old are all doing this, yet i also have some old Energiser 2100/2400mAh rechargables which do hold their charge. Has anyone contacted Durracell about this, as now i its not just a one off occurance i may just do that, but i guess without a reciept anymore taking it back to K-Mart would be out of the question.
  5. As with previous versions of the Oregon series, the onyl way to delete caches is to delete the GPX files, now if you happen to do PQ all your caches will be listed as one big file so you will also lose all your other caches. Other wise you can download indivual GPX files and then delete them one by one, but that may take some time. Just a note that if you mark your caches as found they will no longer show up on the Geocahe Screen, unless you chose to select "show found goecaches"
  6. Firstly you must have the permission to place the cache where ever it is, after that its up to the reviewer. Place the cache and provide as much information about its location and surroundings , even why you want to place the cache, and if it meets all the guildlines in the TOC...assuming you have read them, you shouldn't have too much trouble with it getting approved.
  7. Definatly would not go anywhere without a screen protector fitted, heard horrible storys of cracks and scratches without one and the cost to replace a screen is not cheap.
  8. you should not have any problem loading those maps those maps, just because yours is the I series doesnt mean other maps cant be loaded i own the T series but also loaded the Bluecharts which would normaly come as default with the C series oregon. You can then switch between both with different profile setups.
  9. with the new firmware all you need to do is copy the IMg file straight to the card, then load the maps as u need to in the setup.
  10. I also use a screen protector, and would highly recommend it, for the 4 months of so ive been using my Oregon with the screen protector there are no scratches, cracks or anything (been dropped many times), Ive heard storys where people have droped units on tips of rocks tree brnaches and totally cracked the screen.
  11. I also use a car Adapter when driving, saves alot on battery power on long trips. Apart from that i not really concerend about the battery life i find it pretty good, i have most things turned on and i get 10+ hours of use and always carry spare batterys with me at all time just incause but never had to use them.
  12. Make sure also you are running the latest firmware.
  13. Sorry had a total different interpritation on "it wouldn't be around for long" by the way i read the original post read i percieved it as like those types on caches being Grandfathered, not as in stolen by kids
  14. Final location is what you would use as the cache size, the waypoints could be anything from big writing on a sign to a tiny engraved metal washer nailed to a tree.
  15. I can see peoples concerns about the Oregons screen in sunlight, but personally i think its abit overboard and NOT as bad as people coplain it to be. As with JetSkier i use the backlight turned on all the time in automotive mode and plugged in the the car when driving, when out Caching i have it on a 30sec time out. I use to have it turned on all the time but found no need to, i can still read the screen fine without it, mind you with the backlight on its does improve the readablility, but even with it turned on all the time i still get a full days worth out of it 10+ hours.
  16. I was reading somewhere on the forums about a similar question and personaly i think it would be a great idea, Lots of people fish and a fishing theme is just the trick. I'd just make sure the swags if they do happen to be lures, hooks or anything sharp is well protected, that aside if knowing what was int he cache like what you have mentioned would not last long, everyone would be out to get the FTF
  17. I find playground caches are a great way for the family to get out and enjoy the day, the kids get to play in more ways than one. I think there needs to be more playground caches, kids love the sport(hobby) just as much as us adults and i would find it very hard to beleive anyone would think even for a moment that they won't be around for long, i guess those people do not have kids.
  18. Wasnt this topic raised earlier in another thread
  19. I Am are a rumor, recognizable only as deja vu, and dismissed just as quickly. I don't exist. I was never even born. Anonymity is my name, silence is my native tongue. I am no longer part of the system. I am above the system, over it, beyond it. We're "them." We're "they." i am a Geocacher!!
  20. I doubt anyone will help you with your requests as it breaches the TOC. But dont give up maybe you can find a local caches who is a member and go out with them. Goodluck
  21. yeah i have one we have been unable to find after 4-5 visits so far and because its out of town we can't do it often, its been bugging us for months, Appently its still there and we have seen what it looks like and yet still can not find it, very frustrating but hey thats all part of the hunt
  22. Ver 3.10 works like a charm, have no had any probs, but until they fix ver 3.12 a slight bug i wouldnt bother doing that update yet
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