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  1. When using the search function "caches near me" Some caches do not show up. However if you search for the cache by code it does. Do "premium member only caches" not show up in this software unless you ask for it? Also there is a bug I wish they would fix. You cannot search by address or zipcode if the zipcode starts with a zero..well most of New England starts with a Zero
  2. I have the zagg on my 400t it does effect the sensitivity of the screen. I am not thrilled with it but leave it on as the lesser of two evils....
  3. There is a non-profit Science Museum close to me. On there property they have trails through wooded areas. I don't think (need to check) that you have to pay admission to the museum to access the trails. I have been working with the Director of Marketing on another project and was thinking of approaching her about placing a cache or two on thier property. I felt it would be beneficial to them as it would bring more people to the museum and they could have a theme to the cache maybe call attention to a particular point of interest on their trail system. My question is...is this idea within the rules? Assuming trail access does not cost admission and the museum is not directly selling anything or making a profit from the cache.
  4. I have a couple of FTF hogs in my area....its fun to make things a little extra difficult. Like submitting a new cache when you know the weather will be miserable
  5. DNFs can be frustrating.... As stated go for the easy ones...look at the previous logs and see when it was found last and any hints someone else may have left. If you see a lot of DNFs logged on a particular cache, leave till you get some more experience. Enjoy the journey....its not about the numbers its about having fun.
  6. The OP may be paranoid but that doesn't there aren't ticks out to get them.... Seriously there is risk in everything...
  7. I got this Energizer Hardcase Tactical flashlight at Woot.com for about $25 with shipping....Its a great flashlight...probably more than the average person needs but its great for Geocaching...it has a red light built in for map reading at night. The LED is very bright. Its shock proof and water proof... Energizer Hardcase
  8. So did I, but having a child who is into toy cars, I know they were acquired by Mattell about 10 years ago. So same company. I'm sure the gentleman from the UK will know what a Matchbox car is though. Feh... I was a Dinky toy fan. 35 years ago and before, EVERY toy store had a Dinky toy display case. I would stare at the case the entire time and take home the free catalog and stare at it for hours. They were rather expensive as I recall. Certainly MORE than my 7 year old budget could afford. I think I only scored 2 or 3 dinkys in my childhood. I have seen a few dinkys in caches though. ALL of them were travel bugs. HEY those are from the TV Show "UFO" I remember that show....ok dating myself...never knew they made toys. Very cool... and for the record I had lots of Matchbox cars in my day...still have them in a case along with a selection of hotwheels.
  9. I think some of you are missing my point.....I have nothing against the woods...or a hike in it... All I'm saying is make the goal worth the trip. If the trip is the prize so be it.... Its not about easy or difficult. For me its, did I enjoy finding this cache...was what I was put through to find it worth it. That can be many things...the location the Journey or the container....but when all three of those are not enjoyable....well that's boring... Recently I did a Virtual Cache that took me on trail that was great..the cache location itself wasn't that great but felt the trip was well worth it. One poster jokingly commented about throwing micros out a car window...sometimes it feels like that exactly what some Cache Owners do and that's the kind of cache I am referring to....no real thought about why the cache should be there...just hey I want to place another cache. All that said, I do appreciate all the work folks do to place caches especially the really good ones.
  10. Yes indeed! Remote, Oregon locations are great for geocaching. Edit: smaller photo. Now those places would be interesting...
  11. Yeah I wanna hear this explanation.... A spent casing is about as dangerous as a penny....
  12. Just so everyones clear. The bullet is the part that leaves the barrel and hits (hopefully) the target. The case is the part that is ejected from the firearm after the round is fired. The round or cartridge is the bullet, case and primer together. So no you wouldn't want to us a cartridge but a shell I think would be fine however I'd be interested to see how you keep it water tight. If your thinking of having the bullet seal the end I would say that's a bad idea. Now if your idea is to hide the cache at a range among all the other spent cases..your just plain evil
  13. As I said if you like that sorta thing great.....maybe I should have said be more descriptive in you cache description....maybe info on why you put this cache where it is....If you found that spot peaceful then say that...I don't mind the hike its just nice to have a destination more than just getting to the cache....I'd rather do a 5 mile hike to see a waterfall than 1 mile into an empty field...I like urban caches as well, a nice park, unique building etc...all make it worth the effort. And I'll agree I don't like the areas full of trash either.... Anyone else find a used condom whole searching for that elusive micro....that does tend to suck the fun out of it....no pun intended...ok just a little pun...
  14. Trimble Geocache navigator works well on my Blackberry
  15. I guess I should clarify....I am talking more about the cache that's way off a trail or maybe there isn't even a trail system. However as stated to each his/her own...and I do avoid these when I can but usual the description doesn't include....."this cache is in the middle of nowhere...nothing to see but trees." so its not until I a slogging through mud, and smacking misquotes that I realize my mistake. Again I can concede that some may enjoy this,....as I said not complaining just hope maybe some may give more thought to location.
  16. This isn't a rant or really even a complaint....but does anyone else find it annoying to trudge out to the middle of no where to find a cache just buried under some sticks with nothing particularly interesting about the location? I try to put my cache's in places that bring people somewhere unique, whether its a great view or interesting rock formation or maybe just the journey there is interesting. I don't understand why people drop a cache on a trail to nowhere with nothing to look at but trees and shrubs. I know they may have had some personal reason for putting it there but if that is lost on me and others whats the point. I guess that my hope is someone would read this and maybe think twice about dropping a cache in the woods just because there isn't one there already....
  17. I loaded a pocket query into my Nuvi 660 thinking it will help navigating to a cache while driving. I decided it wasn't worth it and all the caches tend to clutter up the screen so I want to remove it. Looking through all the files I can't find the original GPX file that contained the caches. How do I delete these? I'll add that I have searched the entire Nuvi for GPX files and only the "current" gpx file shows up. Thanks
  18. I have an Oregon 400t and use it on a bike as well with no issues. I am thinking there is something wrong in the batter compartment and when you slide it on or off the mount its causing a brief power interruption. ...try reseating the battery and memory card if your using one....see if that helps. I would also try to recreate the trouble while not on the mount...by pushing on the batter cover. Of course you could call Garmin as well. Good luck!
  19. Maybe if you were determined? C'mmon. You can totally see a cacher out there drilling/sawing a hole in the water, can't you? around here people do that anyway....ice fishing is very popular.
  20. Not trying to be a smart aleck, but I think the only places where waist deep water freezes to the bottom are Nunavut and Siberia. I know of two ammo boxes that have stayed under the ice in the Northeast at 43 Degrees North Longitude. I guess the whole "mechanism" thing makes this a hard question to ponder in this case. Oh trust me here in Norther New England the ice can get several feet thick.....January temps are routinely below zero...that's Fahrenheit
  21. This is not a cache that would be required to use SCUBA to retrieve. The water would be waist deep at most. Water will most likely freeze right to the bottom. I'm leaning twords a mechanism like a described that won't require the caher to get wet or require a water proof container. Just a sign of sorts with a clue on it to lead them to the cache somewhere on shore.
  22. I could really use a new truck....anyone feeling generous....
  23. It didn't come with the suction cup mount and the 12v cigarette lighter plug? My 660 charges and is powered by that....So if it charges through a mini-USB connection then any charger with a mini-USB connector should work.
  24. I have a spot for a cache that is either under water in knee deep water or some how a clue for a land based cache is in the water. Those that have found or placed these caches, how have they held up being frozen in ice? I had an idea for a mechanism that will allow a sign to pop up out of the water with a hint for the caches coords. Basically the searcher will need to find a line that they can pull on that will raise the sign out of the water. I am open to other ideas on this. Thanks
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