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  1. Has anyone tried to train there dog to sniff out caches?I figure if you can gety them to find tupperware youll be in buisness.Any thoughts?
  2. tsclsc took some crap left some crap
  3. I checked the site theres alot of benchmarks lited near by but nothing there ,so far the corner of a prserve makes the most sense
  4. this is on the carmens river on long island,just north of wertheim national forest ..
  5. In other words you dont know.
  6. I found this Marker in the woods looking for a cache,is this a bench mark?
  7. So if i put the photos in my profole ill be able to post them?
  8. when theres a topic that ask you to post a photo (of your dog or your cache)I cant figure out how.
  9. I can't figure out how to do it,any help will be appreciated.
  10. Here on long island in 92 at southhaven park in shirley a ufo crashed .of course the goverment covered it up!it turned out to be a complete hoax,but as a resident of this area i wonder...ufocrash southhaven parkDoes any one know where in the park this happened as i would like to place a cache here.
  11. just curious whats the best ftf you've found?
  12. What is the proper thing to do with with the wheres george dollars I find in a cach'e Am I obligated to put them in another cach'es, or can I buy myself a cup of coffee?
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