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  1. I placed a cache in manorvilledietz hillThat if you look at the terraserver link you can see the atv damage from space!Its a figure eight track on top of the hill,also in one spot on the hill the track has gouged out a six foot deep rut.Long island only has about six inches of top soil then its just sand so damage occurs quickly.
  2. It,s the monthly CONGRATS!! to mac thread. Way to go!!!
  3. Congrats!!! it looks like bellas carrying your pack!
  4. My in a stump or under a log is being copied all over!
  5. Congrats!!!nice hiking with you.
  6. BlackBuck

    Bear Mtn

    Ill be heading up to bear mtn tommorow,can anyone suggest a loop.Ill have to bring the kids on a few then ill be able to get out myself for longer hike any must do caches in the area?whats the dog rule at the park?
  7. Nice job,and some great hides too!
  8. Way to gp Pete, see ya out there!
  9. Hes not from long island he's from Queens!P.S. thanks for your new avater the ballerina one was creepy.
  10. It,s true you do have a freind in pa.
  11. I bought mine on ebay four cans plus shipping and handling came out to twenty bucks.
  12. I'd hide it near where it washed up.
  13. This is for those places that are off limits to caches Such as federal lands, d.e.c.,near r.r. tracks ,etc but are worth hiking to or visiting.post a photo if you like.
  14. I think mike meyers should play him in the movie version!
  15. I woke up this morning with poison ivy on my foot,so no hiking for me today.
  16. This is my daughter gabs while I looked for the cache Ilet her fish nearby just to keep her busy and she lands a 14 inch bass on a artificial worm from a spot iwould have never thought held any fish,great kid!
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