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  1. I think I remember hitting that one........ This cache drove me insane!!! Centenial My favorite hike on long islandmac montauk My shameless self promotionFeel the burn
  2. Way to go dan!valley rallyI was there!Nice to meet you!what other activitey can you walk up to a strange man in the, park and the next thing you know hes buying you breakfast!
  3. I took my family to Hershey Park last august and on the way back we stopped a cabellas.My girls had a better time there than at the park!
  4. Congrats Neil !! even tho you stayed in the car for most of last weeks jersey trip!
  5. Ill be heading out to montauk for the weekend with the wife and NO kids!Since weve found most of the caches out there so we hope to do a couple of hides.
  6. cabellas? A little out of the way but it makes a great day trip!
  7. Thats kinda vague,Did the cat find a live or dead snake?My personal best for a missing pet was three years .It was a hampster I had as a kid that escaped from his cage,three years later Rusty my trusty Poodle caught it in the back yard and killed it .This happened on long island, where he spent the winters i don't know but he was much bigger than when i lost him!
  8. Ihave the same pack its very comftable and the price is right.In fact ill be buying another one as Buck ate the straps off of this one
  9. Heres a great dog song by John Hiatt off the album "Beneath this gruff exterior" MY DOG AND ME As she marked our trail Up the Back Bone Ridge How many times can one dog pee She lifts me high as an eagle When I'm on the skids I guess you gotta come down eventually CHORUS #1: Buddy I coulda done that extra mile An extra bark or an extra smile 'Cause I never felt so free It was just my dog and me Then she gives me that look Like she'd lay down her life No doubt she would in a minute, man She'd face the bullet Or she'd face the knife Just to keep my butt from the fryin' pan CHORUS #2: Now she runs up ahead to chase some deer Comes back to tell me that the coast is clear And it's a different world I see When it's just my dog and me There's a rabbit on the run Man and beast and sky and sun Who's talking to the birds in the trees Why it's just my dog and me Now it looks like we've been makin' tracks From the crack of dawn To the end of the day So it's nice and easy down the devil's back She wouldn't know Any other way CHORUS #3: But to carry us down that one last ride 'Til we're fast asleep by the fire side Dreaming those dreams for free Just my dog and me
  10. I was cacheing with my family at a preserve on eastern long island,when Matt Lauer walked by with his family.IM not sure if he was looking for tupperware tho.
  11. some geocachers use them as travel bugs,you can log them at wg.com then either rehide them or buy some coffee.I dont collect them unless i plan on moving them to another cache.
  12. I know you New Jersy and upstaters have problems crossing bridges,but down here on long island its snow and ice free!!So come on down !
  13. Maybe you can just slash a big Z on the nearest tree so we know you were there!
  14. Happy Holidays to everyone!
  15. Great now ive got that song in my head!!
  16. Congrats!!! allways a pleasure to meet you on the trail!
  17. I'm allways worried about meeting some maniac out in the woods,not the kind that hide tupperware the ones who are hiding bodies to cover up there crime!There have been several bodies found dumped in the long island pine barrens over the last few years.
  18. Joe pathmark in shirley has them there next to the ziplock bags,in there own end cap for a 1.50.Also the pvc pipes freeze in the winter so you can't get the tops off!
  19. Buck guarding one of my cache's
  20. chandler estateI swear I had nothing to with this one Sidewinder Kinda got caught red handed on this one !How many times were you the last person to log a cache before it went missing or was archived?Was it your fault or just a matter of circumstance?
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