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  1. I dropped the flag tb in Fresh pond"cache on shelter island but I cant log it as gc is jammed up right now and wont let me on!
  2. I think triple a might have a list of places to "dump"on your route.I know places like cabbellas have a dump station.RVs have a grey water tank and a black water tank the longest you want to go is three days for the black water.I would stay at a campsite that caters to rvs instead of wallmart!They have water electric cesspool and cable .If your travelling with a woman they use lots of water and the tanks get full real quick!So say you have a grey water tank with a thirty gallon capacity thats about three showers befor its full.
  3. Way to go and thanks for the great hides too!
  4. Is that from a movie? It should be. Great quote. Warren Zevon
  5. I was off last friday and I "could' have moved the jersey flag all the way out to montauk and it would have been an additional ten mile drive with a three mile hike to get it back!But the rules stated only a twenty five mile limit.which required another cacher (devil duckies)to complete.Kber moves his over seventy miles, and its time for a new rule!Thats bulls@#$! ... Cudos to avroair nice grab!
  6. Only if you got your wedding photos taken at Argyle lake
  7. Just a freindly word of advice when heading out to Montauk to get the flag(if its still there)After around exit 63 on the sunrise hwy,you'll have to start obeying the speed limits.Lots of rader traps along the way !Especialy in the towns when it says thirty mph you better be doing 30 mph! Good luck !
  8. I thought there was nothing here when i was 18 also and couldnt wait to get out!!(1980)The longer I stay the better I like it,there are more parks and trails now than twenty years ago and they're much better maintained.The long island greenbelt, Rocky point ,Sarnoff preserve,Smith point and montauk to just name a few.
  9. Four park and grabs and hes an expert on the area!
  10. Great! Now maybe you guys will put your caches in containers rather than bags! Yuk, I hate caches in bags. I didn't think you'd find to many of those here. There is one Nassau County cacher that really puts out some junk, maybe those are the ones you're talking about. Come on Joe go easy on squealy he has a couple of good hides!
  11. If you can stand the smell. I think if you live someplace long enough you don't notice the smell anymore
  12. This area is my Favorite to hike aroundhere You can put a real nice loop together in this region theres even a hill! Are you with the 106 th?
  13. Congrats Joe!!and to your "little freind too"
  14. So much for my airplane idea! I know im jumping in kinda late but has the mountain vs no mountains issue been brought up?How about some altitude restrictions?
  15. Thank you thats just what i needed to know.
  16. I have the palmone zire31how would i connect it to my gps(magellan sporttrak map )to work with maporama?
  17. I own a black lab they Are great Dogs the only problem with labs is if they see water they are gonna go swimming!and its usualy right befor its time to go home leaving you with a muddy truck!
  18. I log all my dnfs cept one time recently when i looked for a cache out east and the cache and about forty feet of terrain had been washed away by the tide.For that one i posted a note Here
  19. Why can't Squealy just go in the woods find a log or hollow tree and stick a ammo can in there like the rest of us!We have to solve puzzles do math get a special tool(which you need to borrow from z-man) get a key from the park ranger or watch the history channel!But his clues make things alot easier"eplurubus unum"with a clue like that how can you miss it!
  20. P.B.S. you need to get back home to the island where nothing will eat you while your on the trail!......You just have to worry about lymes disease and ensephlitis(sorry about the spelling)
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