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  1. Your Welcome! Congrats and its good to see you back!
  2. My lab will pick out caches,(really handy on those multi's)but only when he wants to.On some hunts he goes right to it and at other times he just looks at me as if im the stupid one.
  3. Way to bang out those 1/1s and virtuals!
  4. Little gull cedar point horton point The horton point one sounds like it needs some help.
  5. I got mine today and they look Great nice work!
  6. OZY This one and all the caches around it will keep you busy for a day.
  7. I was hosting an event today which I cancelled due to bad weather I would like to try it again next weekend.Do I have to resubmit it or is there a way to change the date on my own?
  8. I hope you all can make it!THE MONTAUK PROJECT
  9. Don't forget to put yourself on the top of that list!Just be warned on his caches that say "you should find with no problem", Theirs a good chance you'll be posting a dnf
  10. David Hasselhoff is a huge singing sensation in germany ,so who are we to judge?
  11. Way to go Pete!!Next time let me know when theres gonna be a parade!
  12. It looks a little like the end of the world !As if the falls are washing over the city and the sol is floating away!
  13. The F.A.A. also has a huge rader on a hill just north of the airbase.It looks like a giant golf ball which controls all the air traffick going into kennedy.Which could affect your signal?
  14. Just for the record a four star terrain on Long Island usualy involves you having to climb a tree, or you'll be getting in the water or a combination of the two!Its used more as a warning that you might get hurt if your not careful.
  15. BlackBuck


    I had a nice trip thats some beutiful country up there!The party was at a horse farm on a hill with a great view east.My daughter and I were able to get out for a short while and jmbs the water fall was on our list,we grabbed that one then headed to goose pond state park but city select put me on the wrong side of the park in a neighborhood with no trailhead its my first time using it so I gues we need more practice with the software?!Thanks for your help !
  16. BlackBuck


    I have a family reunion(wifes side) to go to on this saturday.In goshen 10924 area code I plan on getting out for a couple of hours with my daughter for some hiking/rock scrambling.Any places near by anyone can recomend?
  17. I just got back from best buy and I picked up city select ver 6.01.they only had one left which came with the navigation kit.The only problem is its for the etrex not the 60cs.It cost 100$ which I thought was a fair price even knowing I won't be able to use the mounts!The question is before I open the software will this work on my 60cs as the box says for "etrex"
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