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  1. I checked Shoreham beach near the Nuke plant yesterday...nothing.
  2. This one will keep you busy for a day. the inlet
  3. She lived a great life and that's all that maters,We should all hope to be that lucky.
  4. Ill be heading out to Hershey park this weekend can any one suggest some non Hershey park activities I can do with my Family while I'm there?
  5. Stop by ans sat hello http://www.ligeocaching.com/ ]LIGO[/url]
  6. Way to go Pete and thanks for all you do.
  7. The wma issue needs to be adressed,at there web site they encourage every kind of out door activaty you can imagine except geocaches.Also Here on Long Island much of our outer beach(F.I.N.S.)has been closd to geocaching,yet at These very same beaches you can build a house ,camp,four wheel drive,Hunt,fish,and even Dress like a woman and run down the board walk while other men cheer you on!(Don't ask me how I know )Just don"t hide any tupperware.
  8. "THE MIGHTY BUCK" " This dog has bailed me out many many times................The only bad thing is likes to chew open the lok&loks if you dont get to them quick enough
  9. I took a hard drive magnet and filed off the tabs so it was flat and atached it to the inside off the lid with RV glue made by Goop.Its been out in the field since april and so far so good.
  10. I lost the mounting button that screws into the back of the unit,is there a place you can buy them or is it only a garmin product?
  11. Wanlaweyv,Somalia Is this the badest tb out there or does someone have a more out of the way location for theirs?
  12. I gotta agree next time out you have to come further east,let us know the next time your coming out and we'll give you a hand..........and next time bring the Kayak with you!
  13. They are called the "barrier beaches" and they protect us from the ocean.What we lack in altitude we make up for in water,I would say there are at least twenty water only caches and another hundred or so you can reach by land or boat.Just make sure you put your gps in a water proof bag because no matter whar Garmin says the 60 series are NOT water proof!
  14. My Dog Buck has bailed me out many times!I didn't train but I guess after a few hundred hunts together he figured out what I was looking for.Now I just have to get close and hes tearing it out from its hiding spot.
  15. If you check around you might have a memorial park near you like this.You could hide it there and not have to bend to many rules and still raise awarness. What are the odds of getting this one back!
  16. I just picked up a new bike and have been shopping fro a good handle bar mount.I would like some advice on which to get .It is for a garmin 60cs,Thanks!
  17. I have signed up for a gmail account ,but when i try to change my e mail address in my profile it keeps coming up as a invalid email address?
  18. I left it to dry for a couple of days with no luck in fact it wouldnt even ppower up this morning so I sent it back to garmin to get repaired,it was a month over warranty but they agreed to fix it for no charge.ill let you know how things work out.
  19. That makes sense,the condensation on the screen is allomost gone but its still not working!Ill leave it out to dry another day and see what happens.
  20. Its about a month past warranty,and garmin is closed for the holiday.Ill have to wait till tommorow to call support.Is there any way to reboot it?
  21. So I took the kayak out today i had the gps with me it got wet but was not submerged just vyour basic paddle spray.after a couple of hours in the sun(80 degrees)I noticed condensation developed on the screen ,i shut it down took it home and put in new batteries.Now when in starts up the screen is upside down and very faded.any advice?
  22. Pete grabs #3000 Here Way to go
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