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  1. The problem still exists. So I have created a new Bug Report at Groundspeak. I hope they will fix it soon ...
  2. I just tried the newest version of the script. It works fine, again. And it adds again a very handy feature. Only thing is: I don't like the colors as they are. They are too purple, too green. Can't you choose some less garish colors. Thanks for your work!
  3. This is the answer from Groundspeak support. Sounds good to me!
  4. I like the cut-out icons. I would prefer the diagonal one. But other one would be good as well. Thanks a lot!
  5. This problem exists since two weeks. It was reported here at the forum on the first day it happend. But it has not been solved yet. So it was time for a support ticket at Groundspeak. I have send them this message: So let's see if anyone is willing to help us.
  6. Even the Signs of Zodiac consist of 12 symbols, I like the one with only 8 symbols more. Because the other symbols are too tiny. Or you create an icon with let's say only 3 symbols or so. Somekind of 'cut-out' of the circle. So the symbols could be bigger.
  7. Category was activated automatically. So send in your submissions!
  8. Yes! The category has passed Peer Review! We officers are working on some details mentioned during Peer Review. The category will be activated soon. Thanks for your votes!
  9. Category is in Peer Review now. Please vote! Thanks!
  10. OK I have deleted the description of the 'unicode symbols'. I also have deleted the type 'unicode symbol' within the variables.
  11. The 12 Western Signs of Zodiac have their own Unicode Symbols. We will accept them as well. Example: http://www.alt-codes...odiac-signs.php
  12. I have no problems sorting my Waymarks by date approved (and by date created and by alphabet). I have tried it a few seconds ago and it worked as expected. Maybe it was a temporary problem.
  13. We have created a category description. It can be found here: http://www.Waymarkin...2e-a2db389b43fe We have added three variables: Radio Button to mark Western or Eastern Zodiac Dropdown List to choose 'multi-sign waymark' or the specific Sign of Zodiac Dropdown List to choose type of waymark: Sculpture, Relief, Painting, Symbol, Unicode Symbol, other We will send the category to Peer review soon. So you may take a look before and write your comments here. Thanks!
  14. It started today. Everytime I try to put some text into a multi-line input field (textarea) at the Waymarking site, there is one or more empty line(s) already included inside the text field. My browser and computer have not changed since yesterday. Was there any change at the Waymarking site? Is it only me or do others have this problem as well? Today I'm on the WAYMARK-WEB01 Server (if this helps).
  15. Please take a look at this http://forums.Ground...howtopic=327960 Email problem seems to be fixed today.
  16. Finding the webserver you're on is easy: open source code of any Waymarking site and search for the string 'WAYMARK-WEB' Switching the webserver is not possible. It is done automatically by the loadbalancing system of the webservers. Only possibility: close your browser, clear cache and go to Waymarking.com. Maybe you are on WEB01 or on WEB02. Repeat and repeat and someday it will change.
  17. Unless I am missing something I do not see it, or the one for Fishing Ports seems to be gone also. Maybe again a problem of (non-)sychronisation beween the two Waymarking web servers. I am on WAYMARK-WEB02 with the release date of 2016-10-14. I can see the fishing ports icon.
  18. Wow thanks for the fast development of this needful script. I dealed with this idea since a long time. Now, because of the actual email problems, it was time to create it. It works fine and does the things as expected. Now it is easy to use the new messaging system within Waymarking.
  19. The new icon for the new Religious Buildings Multifarious category is online. Thanks to waywizard! But there are still some icons missing: Pergolas, Fraternal Order of Eagles, Battery Powered Personal Transport Rentals. Please take an eye on those icons!! We need them!!
  20. Sorry but the messaging system is still broken or broken again. It is not possible to send/receive any message to another player using the messaging system. You do not get any submission notification for your own submitted waymark. Officers do not get any notification for new waymarks in their category.
  21. The solution is easy - but has to fixed by Groundspeak. The URLs of the statistic images is not correct. I don't know why! It always starts with a number and a dot, which should not be there. example: http://0.chart.apis....K&chg=-1,-1,1,1 --> Error correct: http://chart.apis.go...K&chg=-1,-1,1,1 So Groundspeak this is the solution! So please fix it! Please!
  22. I have received an answer from Groundspeak support. I would say the answer is as expected - but not as wished. So this was my second try:
  23. Works well, again! I'm happy with the saved map size! Thanks for the new features!
  24. I have opend a bug report at the official Groundspeak help system and asked for help. This is what I wrote: I hope someone at Groundspeak will help us and fix the email system.
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