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  1. This is a valid idea as we have allready simular categories for other countries. There is a clear list/database online aviable for all possible locations. So managing of this category should be easy.
  2. Yes, you are right. We should change the colors of the flags. @razalas: could you please change the colors?
  3. I have received several mails from Waymarking today - submission, confirmation, group vote, visit. Notification mails from the forum are working as well.
  4. We need some new icon for the newest category Flags of the World. Which pixel artist wants to create one? I would say it should fit to the already existing flag icons Flags of Organisations Municipal Flags How about the same 3 flags with a globe in the background?
  5. We have worked hard on the category description to make things clear. I hope the flured/unflured issue is acceptable now. The minimum number of flags have been set to 5. Country flags and flags of provinces/states will count. Thanks for your input and for the discussion! Category is global, interesting and not redundant. Now it's time to vote in Peer Review!
  6. I think every waymark about Martin Luther will fit into the existing category Religious Freedom. I have posted several waymarks about Martin Luther and his Reformation into this category. It is global and wide spread. It accepts other reformers as well. So I think we do not need another new category limited to Martin Luther. Sorry!
  7. Yes that's the point! This was exactly the main intention of my idea. We know the country flags's design so well that we can identify them even if they are flured. But what is the reason for those flags at that location? They are not there by accident. We will not accept empty flags poles. But groups of flag poles with flured country flags. And the correct Waymarking department is CULTURE. Because the flags are a part of the culture of every country.
  8. Unfurled flags would be great. But it will be very difficult to get 5 or more flags unfurled at the same time (if it is not a windy day). So this will not be a must have requirement.
  9. The officers are working on a first category description. Two things from former discussion have been (nearly) decided: - The minimum number of flags have been set to 5. - Province/State flags will be accepted as well to fill the gap to Minicipal Flags. Of course they count to the flags number. And further on: All locations have to be public. Indoor and outdoor locations will be accetpted. The location of the flags should be permanent (as permanent as flags can be). Only real flags (made of fibric/textile) will be accepted. No stickers, signs, plastic flags and so on. Thanks for your support and good ideas!
  10. If this new category will accept province flags (which has not been decided yet) I would say, yes this park would qualify. I think a picture of most flags would be possible. The coordinates should be taken a a good point. The flags are well visible, so they have not to be too accurate.
  11. A new group has been created: http://www.Waymarkin...30-b870cae249a3
  12. Another example I came across yesterday: It's a hotel with 11 (!) different country flags on their roof: http://www.Waymarkin...74-ef8022bd87cf
  13. I said 8 flags to say a number higher than 1. We could also take 6 or 5. No problem for me. Maybe we could add the flags of states and provinces if they are not accepted at the Municipal Flags category. Thanks for your input.
  14. I don't want a waymark for every single flag. Only one waymark per site. And there have to be 8 differnt flags. Only countries will count. State and province flags are accepted at the Munnicipal Flags category. The location should be permanent. As permanent as flags can be. But at sites like airports, train stations, hotels, fair grounds, etc. the flags are nearly permanent. Indoor might be accepted if the location is open to the public. I want real flages made of some kind of textile. No stickers, no plastics.
  15. I had never thought about the outside and the inside. But why not inside? Maybe because most Waymarking activities are outside. But this could be discussed here.
  16. I'm dealing again with an idea of a new category: Flags of the World We have already a category for 'Municipal Flags'. I know that. But this idea fills another gap. The existing category does not accept flags of countries. But the new category will. For the prevelance discussion: the category will only accept locations with let's say 8 or more different flags of at least 8 different countries. The countries on site have to be named in the description. What do you think? Examples: Example 1 Example 2
  17. As leader of the Signs of Zodiac category I would say it is time for this new icon. @Waywizard: please upload this icon. Thanks!
  18. Yes! I can also confirm: No more empty lines! Thanks for fixing!
  19. Thanks for bringing this topic back into discussion! And thanks for your work! Your new description looks good to me. The good example pictures are very helpful. I see no problem why this category should not pass Peer Review and complete the existing categories.
  20. Interesting constructions. Never recognized before. Maybe they could be worth enough for their own category. But need some more work than the one actually in Peer Review.
  21. As one of the officers of the oroginal category proposal I'm happy to see this discussion comming up again. Here is the original discussion: http://forums.Ground...1 And here is a (German) list of Paternoster Lifts worldwide: http://www.flemming-....de/patlist.htm
  22. I'm dealing with an idea for new category: Allegorical Sculptures I think they are not really covered in any of the existing categories. Or does someone know a home category for them? The existing category 'Famous Fictional Figures' says in description: 'We do not under any circumstances accept any allegorical figures.' Some of them could go to 'Epic Beings and Creatures'. And the 'Statues of Liberty' have their own category. But the others? Or am I wrong and they do all fit into the big 'Figurative Public Sculpture' category??? What are Allegorical Sculptures? Some background informations can be found at wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia...rical_sculpture In my own simple words: Allegorical Sculptures represent abstract ideas in a personify way. Examples could be: Justice, Peace, Freedom, Poetry, Music, Demogracy, Science, Literature, several Virtues, Fame, Virctory, etc. But also rivers, oceans, continents, countries, planets, stars, sun and moon seasons, months, days and, and, and Do you understand what I am thinking about? Those Allegorical Sculptures are quite common and widespread. And real cool and interesting. Do we need such a cetegory? Or is it already covered?
  23. I got an answer from my Bug Report at Groundspeak. So the developers at Groundspeak are well aware of this issue. So we could hope they will find a solution for this problem and for the others.
  24. I have testet the different kinds of messaging at Waymarking. The messaging system is totally broken again. It is not possible to send/receive any message to another player using the messaging system. You do not get any submission notification for your own submitted waymark. And you do not get a message when your waymark was approved or declined. Officers do not get any notification for new waymarks in their category. So it is time for Groundspeak's developpers to fix it. PLEASE!!
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