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  1. I personally do not need a new category for the Kneipp Pools if there would be an existing one where they would fit. But I can not find any. The Spas category is not the right place for them. So I think we'll need a new one. The accepted Kneipp Pools should not be limited to ones managed or created by Kneipp Associations. And it is no problem if they are a part of any spa or wellness location. If there is a sign about the Kneipp Pool a picture of it must be added to the waymark. But if there is none, it will not be a problem. If you find a Kneipp Pool, you know it is one even if there is a sign or not. The global criteria should not be a denial reason. The Kneipp Pools are well known all accross Europe. They are not limited to a specific region of the earth by definition. So they could be found everywhere.
  2. The German Wikipedia says that Sebastian Kneipp was the second best known German in Northern America at the beginning of the 20th century - after Otto von Bismarck. So the ideas of Sebastian Kneipp seem to be well known in Northern America. Maybe they are forgotten? His books have been translated into several languages. And are still available today.
  3. No, I don't want to exclude any of those Kneipp Walk Pools. It would not be a good idea if their are rar in some parts of the world.
  4. I don´t know if you have heard about Sebastian Kneipp before, or about his natural health treatment. If not, let me introduce to you this wonderful treatment which is so popular in Europe. Kneipp water cure treatment was founded by a Bavarian, German priest Sebastian Kneipp in the 19th century. The only thing you need is a so-called Kneipp Walk Pool. This is a small pool with very cold water and some kind of railing to protect you from falling into the water. You walk barefoot inside the pool with the cold water. Walking like a stork. Allways one foot inside and one foot outside of the water. This type of water cure helps for good blood circulation. The international Kneipp Bund (https://kneippworldwide.kneippbund.de/) says it is an assosiation of clubs and members in more than 40 countries, including Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, Australia, Brazil, Chile, India, Canada, USA. So it seems to be global. There exist special Kneipp Walk Pools. This idea is to search for those pools. They can often be found in parks. They are quite common in Europe and maybe in some other parts of the world. What do you think? Is this a valid idea? Are they known out there in the world?
  5. A group has been created and is hard working on a good category description.
  6. This Pump Fountain is not the border between drainage areas. It is a monument dedicated to this border.
  7. And another nice find: a fountain with the inscription 'Wasserscheide' (Watershed)
  8. To bring idea back on topic. I came across some interesting markers which would fit into this category if it will exist some day. So how about working again on this category idea. I still think it is valid.
  9. When this idea came up first, I thought 'No, I think we don't need this'. But now, after the discussion and after reading the good category description, I will change my oppinion. It looks good to me. I will support it with a 'yea' at Peer Review. I see no problem with any distance between the colomns. Nowadays there are not too many of them out on the steets. I know those coulmns since decades and many of them have been lost.
  10. Sorry but it is still NOT fixed. I'm still missing 2 icons: Hourglass Australian Heritage Sites Only the new icon for Radio and Television Transmitter Towers is visible now. Today I'm on WAYMARK-WEB01. looks like the synch between the tow webservers is still broken.
  11. Today I miss 3 icons in the grid. They are from the last 3 new categories. Hourglass Australian Heritage Sites Radio and Television Transmitter Towers I'm on 'WAYMARK-WEB01' today. I hope you can fix this. Thanks
  12. It's me too. I tried to create a new waymark inside this category. But I cannot see it - allways the error page. I'm on 'WAYMARK-WEB01'.
  13. What happend to the Login page? Since the last days all the input fields and the button at the Login page are bigger than before. I have no problem with it. Everything works fine! Is this a hint of some improvements? Or is it only me?
  14. The denial message is presented at two locations: 1) It is included in the decline email (as said before) 2) The decline message is shown at the beginning of the edit page of the declined waymark. Go to the declined waymark and click on 'Edit' to see it. I hope this helps.
  15. For monuments about the German reunification (Deutsche Wiedervereinigung 1990) I have used the 'Monuments of the Eastern Freedomfights' category. But this will not fit here because this is in another part of the world. Sorry no idea
  16. Thanks to you Waywizard! Thanks for your assistance of the last years! A lovely welcome to Waymfrog! Sounds like you're an experience waymarker. So you will know about our worries and problems.
  17. I prefer #3 for the Global Transmitters I prefer #1 for the hourglasses I prefer #3 for the Australian Herritage Sites:
  18. Is there anything new about this category? I still have two waymarks pending in review until this issue is cleared. I have never understood what is accepted in this category and what isn't. I hope the officers open this category! Please!
  19. I'm sure the rely is on the webserver. I get this problem sometimes and sometimes not. Actually I'm on the server 'WAYMARK-WEB01' and it works fine.
  20. Today I noticed that ALL category icons are showing on both Waymarking Webservers! I can't belive it! Thanks for fixing or for manual synchronization.
  21. The first waymark seems to be: http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WM1 which has the WM-Code 'WM1' There was another forum thread about the same topic: http://forums.Ground...howtopic=330785 I hope this helps!
  22. This is nearly one year ago. But the problem still exists .... To bring it back on topic I researched all possible details. So please take a cup of coffee and talk with the developers. The synchronization of icons between the 2 Waymarking webservers WEB01 and WEB02 is broken. New icons are not synchronized between them. Missing icons on WEB01: Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement Religious Buildings Multifarious Commercial Fishing Ports Missing icons on WEB02: Flags of the World Legacy of Medieval Spiritual Warriors Dovecoats Household Appliances and Presses Signs of Zodiac Battery Powered Personal Transport Rentals Pergolas Fraternal Order of Eagles So please fix the synchronization problem or do the synchronization manually. Thanks a lot!
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