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  1. I see now, the locations with signs and rules seem to be a German thing. Maybe we have to find another definition of the allowed locations. How about: Any location for the included activities marked by a sign or a structure like starting ramps, or any location listed on the website of (local) clubs or databases available online. Would this fit to the most locations you know? I don't want to be too restrictive because I don't want to loose the best locations only because there is no sign.
  2. I will try to get a definition of the allowed and excluded activities for this potential category: Included: Paragliding, Hang Gliding, Base Jumping, Wingsuiting Excluded: Skydiving, Parasailing, Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Bungee Jumping, motorized Hang Gliding Any more to include or exclude?
  3. I know that they just need a cliff or a mountain to start their flight. But I'm talking about official locations with rules and a sign. I came to locations where there was an aerial lift to bring the paragliders up to the starting point, they needed a ticket (and sometimes a flying license) to fligh there. There were rules where to start and where to land. I'm just talking about those locations - otherways it would be a hard category to manage.
  4. During my travels I came around several official locations where it is allowed to use paragliders and hang gliders. More background informations on Paragliding and Hang Gliding. I'm sure we do not have a category for those locations. But I think they are intersting. It makes fun to watch them starting and flying. And flying them must be much more fun. There are several databases online listing this locations worldwide. What do you think? Is this a valid and intersting idea?
  5. Thanks wayfrog for the upload of the newest icons. I can see them already on some locations.
  6. Sounds to me we have found the right new icons for the two newest categoryies: Maybe wayfrog could upload them into the system.
  7. And again: I would choose the second one with Signal the Frog. But I'm no officer in this category.
  8. As leader of this category I would prefer the 2nd one.
  9. I have had a very simular issue about a week ago. --> see here: The reason was cleared. Maybe it's the same here.
  10. I'm no officer in this group. But I think the column is too dark and too thin.
  11. Thanks for this proposal! Not too bad! Alternative proposals?
  12. Is there no pixel artist out there? We still need two new icons.
  13. In our new category 'Watershed Markers and Monuments' we have voted on a waymark. There are 3 votes visible in the 'Past Activiy Tab'. 2 of them are nay and only 1 is yea. But the waymark has been automatically approved after the vote has ended. I am not a mathematician, but this calculation is clearly wrong. Do we have a bug here? or is there any other explanation?
  14. This happend by accident. One of the officer submitted a waymark to the category. Another officer thought the category is already active.
  15. The category is acitive now. Some changes have been integrated to make thing more clear. (We hope so). We're waiting to see your signs and markers for those watersheds and divides all around the world.
  16. Sounds interesting to me. Wasn't there a forum discussion about the same or a very simular topic some time ago?
  17. Yes it looks like you missed something. To repeat it another time: You and all other players from North America have to waymark DIVIDES. All other players from the rest of the world will waymark WATERSHEDS. Different words - same meaning. Your picture is very tiny. It is hard to read. But I gess it is about a continental divide. So it would qualify into the category. I will be happy to see your submission when the category is online.
  18. You can edit or delete the message. But there is a known bug. If you do not make any change to the waymark, the change of the message will not saved.
  19. Again we need new category icons for the 2 newest categories. Advertising Columns (this should be easy) Watershed Markers and Monuments (maybe some sign like the white one of the example pictures in the category description) So it's time for the pixel artists! I can't wait to see your proposals!
  20. Looks like the category has passed Peer Review. The officers are working at some minor changes to the category description including all the promised things and additions during Peer Review. We will add the term 'divide' to help the North American Players to understand the topic of the category. I hope the new category will be online in the nearest future. Thanks for all your support!
  21. Some more answers to some nay-votes from Peer Review: Sorry, but you are wrong! The new proposal is neighter redundant nor included in the category 'River Origins, Destinations and Confluences'. The mentioned category is only for origins (wells or the beginning of a river), destinations (end of a river) or the confluence of two rivers. This is NOT the topic of the new category. There are two identical officers in the two categories. I'm sure they know the difference! Sounds like you found a sign we're looking for. You are right! It was never a good idea not taking a native speaker from somewhere else in the world as an officer. We have found an US american player who will become an officer after Peer Review is over. He has already created a better explanation of the term 'watershed' and 'divide'.
  22. I could live with this deal, as well, if this could be the solution for the global criteria.
  23. The category is in Peer Review now. Please vote! Answers to some nay-votes: We will add the term 'divide' or 'Continental Divide' to the category description to make it more clear - even for the players in the USA. Of corse we will accept 'Continental Divide' markers. Sorry we missed this. But this is something which is an absolute basic thing in Waymarking. But we will add a sentance that only 'selfmade' pictures are allowed.
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