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  1. I have also noticed this already. Just now I've watched a few of my waymarks and found the following: The problem appears only with images which are upright. For images in landscape mode, there are no problems with sharpness. Maybe this helps more ...
  2. @ISOS: In basic I think: What is on the list can be waymarked in the category. But it does not make much sence to waymark a whole old town of a city. On the other hand, I have an UNESCO heritage waymark for the whole old town of Regensburg, Germany. And this one is great. And some waymarkers have visited it. So why not? Someone with professional knowlege made this lists. So I think they know what they did und why they did so.
  3. I'm no friend of such 'powertrails'! But how would you group?? The goal of this category is to waymark ALL the objects on those lists, isn't it? So it should not be forbidden to waymark ALL of them. But it's in the hands of each waymarker what he's going to waymatk and what he won't. In the corresponding German catergory we have some small powertrails. I don't like them and I would never post them. I allways select the objects I waymark by a personal choise. But everyone plays the game in his personal way. So I wouldn't exclude this 'powertrails'.
  4. Good idea! Very simular to our German monument Registers category which is a cool category. I'm interested to become an officer in that category.
  5. YES it IS only to enter the coordinates in a different way. After submitting the coords are automatically changed to the known format.
  6. 2 or 3 weeks ago I've tried to submit a waymark in that category and it dosn't work! I recieved an error message.
  7. Is there a possibility to an automatical notification for new Waymarks? Like known from Geocaching.com? Or how do you manage to get notified if there is a new waymark posted in your homezone or another specified area? The only way I know is a manually way: Doing a search with the criteria 'published within ...'. But is there any way to get notified automatically?
  8. Sometimes there's a very special personal smell around me - - but I'm sure it is difficult to waymark.
  9. I like this idea. And I have some smells ... a brewery and a dump which smells like the entrance to hell. Both would fit into this new category.
  10. Changed the naming requirement to Name of the Shop – town, state, country examples: Golden Eagle – New York, NY, USA Hair Cutter Myer – Frankfurt, HE, Germany Olik’s Butcher Shop – Prague, Czech Republic category variables: Shop Name -- Name of the shop in original language (i.e. Metzgerei Pfefferle, Golden Eagle, ...) - must Kind of Shop -- What kind of shop is it? (i.e. restaurant, book store, hair cutter, ...) - must Adress -- physical adress of the shop - must Web Adress of the Shop -- web adress of the shop - optional
  11. Of corse it's 'atistic' instead of 'artifical'! Thanks for reading carefully! Is there a typical symbol for the shop on the sign? --> This means there has to be a symbol on the sign. Not just lettering and some artwork (which would be unique and artistic, too). There must be a symbol for the name or the kind of the shop. i.e. an eagle for a restaurant called 'Golden Eagle' or an umbrella for an umbrella store.
  12. We have put a lot of work into a good description of this potential category. You could find this category and its description here. The name has been changed to 'Unique Artistic Shop Signs'. Feel free to add your comments and thoughts.
  13. In principle, it is allowed to log your own waymarks. It does not contradict the guidelines. But only few do it. I have never logged one of my own waymarks - although there is no other Waymarker in the area but me. But that's life! So you could log your own - but you don't have to. It's your choice!
  14. Since today I'm missing the category icons displayed in Google Earth when using the Google Earth Waymarking network KML. There are only red crosses left where the category icons of the waymarks usually have to be. I'm sure they have been there since yesterday. So where have they gone??? Is there any connection with the update from yesterday? Or is this only a problem of myself? Does anybody else have this problem, too? I want them back! Please!
  15. I like this signs! But how could we describe exactly what we're looking for and what is excluded? We should allow newer signs, too, if they are done in an 'old design'. I remember a MacDonalds sign in an old town created that way.
  16. I know this kind of beautiful shop signs very well. They can be found in nearly every town in Germany. I have often played with the idea to waymark them. But I didn't know in which category, too. Does someone know the right cat to fit in? Or is this a new idea for a new category?
  17. Why exclude a free standing column if it is a war memorial? I have one or two war memorials on mind which could fatch this new category. So I see no reason to exclude them.
  18. Sounds interesting. Maybe it could really be a new idea for a new category.
  19. Thank you very much for this tip! You learn something new every day ... It took some time until I found what I have to download. Maybe the link should be more clear ... But this is really a fine and comfortable thing that Waymarks can be seen on Google Earth.
  20. When I got a 500 - Server Error page displayed and I followed the link (in the upper right menu bar) to the forum, I noticed that the link leads to the old WM Forum (http://portal.Groundspeak.com/forums/default.aspx?GroupID=6). It has obviously forgotten by anyone to update the link to the new WM Forum in the Error Pages. Really confusing ...
  21. Every time I try to update my Waymarking stats manually, I get a 500 - Server Error. 'We're sorry, your request has resulted in an error.' The statistics are updated when look look at my profil page again. This seems clearly to be a bug. Does anyone else have this problem too?
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