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  1. I tried to create some new waymarks (at the Kugelballs category). But it always ended up into an error when saving the first page with the details of the waymark. The error is always 'Sequence contains no elements'. I tried Chrome and Edge - no difference, always the same error. Please take a look and fix it. Thanks!
  2. I have posted several maypoles in the Holyday Displays category. There was no problem within. So no need for the new maypole category. Maybe still a need for the guilde poles ...
  3. Of course I have some personal Waymarking rules for the game. My POSTING RULES: 1) I try to fill my grid completely. So I post in every category I can - at least one waymark. 2) My waymarks are always written in English - no local language. 3) I like cross posting. But I try not to just copy and paste the description. And I try to use another default picture for each waymark. 4) I always add 'town, country, region' to the title of all of my waymarks - allowed by the category or not (with one exception: fire houses who do not accept waymarks with that kind of title) My VISITING RULES: 1) I do retro visits on the date I have visited the location. 2) I try to write a unique visit text for each waymark. 3) I do no and never visit my own waymarks. 4) I visit every existing waymark I came across - boring or not.
  4. Today I saw that the startpage of Waymarking has a problem - parts of it are empty. If you accept the new question about Cookies, but you do not accept cookies in your browser, the startpage of Waymarking is a bit empty. If you reload the page everything is ok. Maybe someone at Groundspeak can take a look at it. Seems to be a bug.
  5. I agree absolutely with #1. Category was sent to Peer Review before the discussion at the forum was finished. Yes the managing group is Rogues of Waymarking including only non experienced officers (posts: zero, 14 and 66 - not much). To the category idea itself: I think there is a prevalence problem: in Germany every pharmacy's sign includes this symbol.I have posted 143 waymarks in the Pharmacies category. So I can cross-post all of them into the new category! And most of them more than one time because they usually have more then one sign. And category description does not say a word about more than one waymark per site. This sounds like Redundancy to me. And I don't think that all of this signs (at pharmacies, doctors, hospitals) are really interesting. Sorry! ==> I will vote NAY at the Peer Review!
  6. Same here. Neigther a mails for waymarks I have submitted nor for waymarks submitted in my categories. Please fix! Thanks!
  7. The discussion about this topic has slept a half year. To bring it back on topic: Is there a need for this kind of category? Is someone interested to bring up a first category write-up?
  8. Never heard before - but sounds interesting. Maybe seen before, but never noticed.
  9. I think you mean the stats' bar. There's a known error in the HTML code which is displyed. <a href='http://www.Waymarking.com/users/profile.aspx?f=1&guid=18ebb3ab-7e7d-420d-8250-fdb1ca0ff21a'><img src='/dyn_img/stats.aspx?f=1&guid=18ebb3ab-7e7d-420d-8250-fdb1ca0ff21a' border='0' width='200' height='50'></a> The path to the image is not correct. You have to add "http://www.Waymarking.com/" at the beginning. <img src='http://www.Waymarking.com/dyn_img/stats.aspx?f=1&guid=18ebb3ab-7e7d-420d-8250-fdb1ca0ff21a' border='0' width='200' height='50'>
  10. Earlier this day I missed the maps, too. But now they are back. Everything works for me.
  11. Thanks for the fast work! Are there more categories at the wrong position anymore? Does anybody know some?
  12. Yes, you are right! Maybe we can collect them all here. The topic title fits perfect. And someday (maybe the last day before Ragnarök) one of the site admins can correct all wrong positions at the same time.
  13. A few days ago I have posted my first waymark in the category 'Laser Tag Facilities'. I found out that the category is located at the wrong position inside the Category Master List. It is listed inside the sub-category 'Winter (Sports)'. But a laser tag facility does not have any connections to winter sports. This is an error. The position inside the Category Master List should be changed. It should be pushed to one level above.
  14. I personally see no need for this new category. All Limes related items and objects will be accepted in the already existing category 'Ancient Roman Civilization'. I have posted there serevral waymarks related to the Limes: a reconstructured palisade wall, the remains of a watch tower, two markers for former forts, and a marker for the Limes itself. There was no problem to get them approved at the existing category. So there is NO need for this category. Sorry!
  15. The 'search from here buttom' has been fixed and works fine. --> see this forum thread: I do not understand the problem. If I go to 'My Visits' I do not have apossibility to change the order. And all waymarks are ordered by the date of my visit Yes you are right. But there is a simple work around (if you are using Firefoy or Chrome): There are some Greasemonkey scripts that make the map as big as you want and add some new features to the map. --> see this forum thread: If you want to see a list of more bugs and feature requests you can take a look into my blog where I have made some lists years ago Bug Tracking: https://itsallaboutthegrid.wordpress.com/Waymarking-bug-tracking/ Feature Requests: https://itsallaboutthegrid.wordpress.com/wm-feature-requests/ I would be happy if you will add your bugs and resquests!
  16. As the initiator of the Kneipp Pools category, which has failed in Peer Review, I'm happy that the Leader of the Spas, Hammams, Mineral Baths and Saunas category is willing to accept Kneipp Pools in their already existing category in future. This was not my intention. But better there than nowhere. Thanks a lot!
  17. The two missing categories are: Yard Art Silhouettes Seattle Art and Seek I came across this issue some years ago. There must be an old discussion at the forum about it.
  18. What is the result of the Peer Review? Did the category pass?
  19. This category idea has failed in Peer Review. Thanks for your votes. And thanks to the players who have supported this idea.
  20. Maybe a valid idea. But how can I see or filter in the map if a restaurant has received a Star or not? I find a lot of restaurants around - but I'm sure they do not all have a star or more.
  21. The group for this new category idea has done some hard work. Now the category description is finished and has been sent to Peer Review a few seconds ago. Please vote! We know that this Kneipp Pools are not comon in very part of the world. But this category will be global anyway. So please do not vote against it only because you have never seen or heard about a Kneipp Pool before! Thanks a lot! We made a compromise within our two picture requirement: To protect you from paying any fee to post your Kneipp Pool it is allowed to post a picture from the entrance to the Kneipp Pool location, if it can be proofed (by a sign, website or any other thing), that there exists a Kneipp Pool inside.
  22. Some bike stores also offer tools and air pumps to use for free. They can be found in front of their stores. Would they count? Or only those modern stations? In winter sport areas there are often tools offered for free to repair your skiers or snow board. Would tey count as well?
  23. I saw one a few months ago and thougt if we have a fitting category. Of course I took some pictures
  24. I have created a new group to manage this new category. Please join if you are interested.
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