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  1. I'm wondering since several years where to place barefoot paths. I came across several of them during my travels here in Germany. Don't know of other parts of the world, but here you can find several permanent locations. And barfoot paths are a lot of fun!
  2. A very nice unique door handle. It would fit perfectly into our category - modern door handles are as welcome as historical one are.
  3. Hello pixel artist! Our newest category Unique Artistic Door Handles and Knockers needs a new and unique icon. I'm sure something with a door handle or door knocker should be possible to be created. Thanks!
  4. I have posted three tramcars/streetcars or how they are called at the Static Train Cars caegory. There was no problem about them. So give it a try at ths category.
  5. private property vs. public accessable: I do not see a real problem with this. All example pictures at the category description have been taken by me. All of them made from public ground - even if the building itself is on private property or not. I see no diffrence to most other categories. Other buildings are on private property as well.
  6. No, they are independant books with 1000 places in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. And I'm sure there are other country editions in other contries. It's like the book '1,000 Places to See in the United States and Canada Before You Die'. But it is NOT written by Patricia Schultz. But do they qualify as well?
  7. I think your update is clear to understand. But I have a question: Are local '1000 Places to see before you die' books from others countries allowed? I have a book from Germany, Austria and Sitzerland? Am I allowed to post waymarks out of this book?
  8. I'm still dealing with this old idea of 2016. So I want to bring it back on topic. I still love this ball tracks. And I came accross some more in the last years. So what do you think?
  9. That's why it is important to give a clear hint to the submitter why the waymark was denied. Not for the waymark itself and not for an unwritten rule - it was denied because a waymark without a long descripttion of at least two sentences is too poor to be approved. And so it is a very good idea by Max and 99 to ask other waymarkers, officers, leaders and players if they think in the same direction. And I personally do.
  10. I have had this problem only a few times. But I have declined them for this reason and stated it in the comment. I would never approve a waymark without a long description. So I'm on the side of your bare minimum of 2 sentences.
  11. I know this problem - but I never approve my own waymarks. If there are less active officers at one of my categories or if they are sleeping, I get in contact with them and ask them to approve my waymark.
  12. I have received an answer from the GMX Postmaster. They say they are aware of this issue. They say there's a problem with the subjects of mails fom Groundspeak.com/geocaching.com/Waymarking.com if they include special chars (especially if they contain German umlauts) and so they block all mails from this domains. Maybe this gives you a hint to fix this problem. Btw: two days ago a have received a bulk of 30 or more geocaching/Waymarking mails on my gmx account at the same time.
  13. No Problem! I'm sure you're doing your best. Thanks!
  14. I have tried to get in contact with the GMX Postmaster - we will see how their reaction is. I think this should have been done by Groundspeak instead. It's a general Problem with GMX - I do not get any mails from Groundspeak (Waymarking, geocaching). And I think all the GMX users (in Germany) will have the same Problem.
  15. Thanks bootron! The invite funktion works now as it should do. And the broken link to the forum is fixed as well. Good job!
  16. And again problems with emails ... Today I do not receive any email from Waymarking. I have submitted several waymarks but no submission email was received. I have also not received any notification email within my categories for new waymarks. I have had problems with delayed emails (for hours and even days) in the last weeks. A lot of emails I have never received. And yes, I have checked my spam folder. They are not there! Anyone else with mail problems? Or is it only me? I don't know if it is important: I use a big German email provider gmx.net Could someone at Groundspeak please fix this! Thanks!!
  17. As the leader of several groups I tried to invate new members into a group. This lead to an error. Everytime I use the link 'Invite' at the group side, my session is destroyed (I am logged out) and I end up at the 'An error has occoured' side (https://www.Waymarking.com/error/error.aspx?aspxerrorpath=/groups/invite.aspx). Please fix this! I need the possibility to invite new members into my groups. BTW: The link to the forum at the 'error page' (https://www.Waymarking.com/error/error.aspx) leads to the old historic forum at http://portal.Groundspeak.com/forums/default.aspx?GroupID=6 wchich does not exist anymore. This should be fixed as well!
  18. Yes, a good idea back from 2012. Please go on with it.
  19. Picture upload for visit results in a simular error 'An error occured in the File Upload Service. Sequence contains no elements' Text for vistit could be saved, but no pictue upload.
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