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  2. Just looking for any LARGE TB's just found a cache that can house them in Arizona. And I have an idea for a TB. Small cast iron skillet TB.
  3. How in the world have people NOT found that?????????????? I agree. It states that it is a 24/7 cache and he'll leave the light on for ya".
  4. Great looking cache. I might be coming out your way soon so I will add it to my list of caches that I'll seek on the way.
  5. try looking up "Cache in a Cache" TB it is about what you are talking about.
  6. Ok, that is the info I was looking for. Some of the caches about 15 of them that I removed from GSAK had last postings September 2004. So, If I was to suggest 500 days since the cache was disabled would that be approperate? This would be over a year 365 days. Yes I do realize that people do have lives to live. So if a cache has been disabled for over a year would it not be a wise choice to archive it do to the fact that it appears to be abandoned.
  7. Should disabled caches be archived after oh, lets say 90 days after the disabling tag to make room for new caches in the area? Just curious as I was jusk going through my list on GSAK looking at each cache that has been disabled.
  8. By Postal Code - From State: CA (BALDY MESA - 92392) there are 7931 within the 100 mile radius. This includes Victorville, Hesperia, Apple Valley, Barstow, Lucern Valley, San Bernardino, Devore all in california.
  9. I have found this Travel Bug called Cache in a cache. I thought it was a great idea. Here is it's link http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=125258
  10. I found the following at doheny state park today Benchmark says Corps Of Engineers - U.S. Army DB-1890 Station Designation Year 1984 Survey Mark It is located about 200 feet south of N33 27.759 W117 41.340 If someone were to find it how I did, You can park at the public parking for the beach in Dana Point. At the permit machine look toward the start of the walkway from where you would see a hot ash pit to the left and a short wall to the right. At the left side of the wall in the sand there is a little monument with the above on it.
  11. Why not just BORROW your Neighbors dog to do that cache. I'd guess that you might get your neighbor involved in Geocaching.
  12. I'de get stock in the petrolum markets. that is going to be a gasser.
  13. Here is a link to a website with video from the New Orleans area. HTTP://www.nola.com I am currently watching the RiverCam. You can also find the video feeds from this cache page http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...3f-f1cdbbef8ea0 [Edited to add another link.]
  14. I was just wondering where the cache container above is? I would like the Waypoint Please. I would like to see if it is near me.
  15. Sorry about asking. But How much Does the CAT WEIGHT? Just curious.
  16. >>How do you think the OP should have dealt with his perfectly valid, if not >>earth-shaking question? Should he: >> Bother the already-overworked approver? >> e-mail the geocaching.com contact address? (Yeah, right. That's gonna >>work.) >> Ask in the forums in the hope that somebody will know? >> Shut up and not ask questions? >> Seriously, I want to know. I vote for the RED one.
  17. Hey WH Are you going to change a line in your Sig again? Garmin 60CS - $400 Hiking Boots - $140 Tank of Gas - $35 Pocket Full of Trade Swag - $10 Calling in Sick to Work so I Can Go Caching - PRICELESS I am going to say $40 to fill the tank again.
  18. www.REI.com Is a shop online including the ones stated above.
  19. KCAL 9 in California is getting ready to show a feature on GeoCaching. It is now 2:27pm Hope that someone else can watch it too.
  20. I think I found it. Is it this paragraph? "The satellites send signals in sound and light waves to five machines located around the earth," Holman said. "You can use these signals to find and relocate spots you have marked."
  21. Try Cardnal wood products at http://www.cardinalenterprises.com/index.htm this will get you to there web site.
  22. How about using what is called a "Sub-C" Cell battery? They are rechargable and they usually have a high milliamp rating. These cells are used to power electric R/C Cars and/or the radio control transmitter/receiver.
  23. I just visited a new REI location in Rancho Cucamonga, California. It's address is as follows: 12218 Foothill Blvd. Rancho Cucamonga, Ca 91739 Coming from the High Desert head south on interstate 15 and exit on Foothill Blvd. turn right goto the first driveway AFTER the light and turn right again REI should be right in front of you. Coming from the San Diego direction head North on interstate 15 and exit on Foothill Blvd. Turn Left, and be in the furthest lane to the right goto the first driveway AFTER the light and turn right again REI should be right in front of you. After all this is one of our sponsors on GC.com so please visit them. P.S. I found out that the have the ability to have group meetings at the facility. For that contact Brian C. Edwards - Special Events Specialist at either BREDWAR@REI.COM of call him at phone:909-646-8360 Cell:310-927-2493
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