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  1. Hi i took some pics(on my pc ) and i would like to know how do i post them with / put them on my log ? also on my gallery pics? thanks ahead of time.
  2. Opps i also meant to say/ add i was at an event today with a buddy and 2 others we have never cached with before
  3. How does it work out if your in a group and its the first to find who gets credit the group or the person who actually found it?
  4. ube66


    Oh i'm sorry about that (DUH! ) yes this is for next weekend in Wisconsin at Lapham Peak State Park, Delafield Wi.
  5. ube66


    I have 2 questions as a new cacher who may attend do you need to get a 1 day pass for the park? and also if you plan on going to the after picnic party the next day will the pass be good yet or would you have to get a 2 day pass? Thanks ahead of time
  6. Thanks for the response and if i can think of more i will ask,as i did get some pretty good advice from others on here also (wha a great groupl of people on here ).Also i checked out your web page and wow that is a great idea for guys to get out and do things.I'm sure most of them are just as addicted as you are lol.Well lets not just say addicted your just haveing fun. thanks again....
  7. just general stuff i guess on best ways to get maps to show more detail where to find clues etc since i dont have a gps.Yes your right it is addicting
  8. Thanks for the advice i kow this might sound stupid but what maps when i use the google map it only shows about where the goechaces are but not up close.Also how do i get the clues do i click on people that found them and see what they say besides the little hints you get with about where it is? Wow you and your family are really doing well without a gps (dont know if i would have th patience lol) congrats. Thanks again...
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