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  1. You may try it for 20 days of unlimited trial and then you can decide whether it worth $2.
  2. The new version is out, check what's new http://xatcher.blogspot.cz/2013/09/update-1300.html
  3. New version with trackables items and many bugfixes and optimizations is out. http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=769dd80e-a92d-4825-954d-57f343c0e93d All users, even with expired trials, have now another 20 days to try it.
  4. There is the new version of xatcher - a popular geocaching application for Windows Phone 8. (http://xatcher.blogspot.cz/) xatcher is now compatible with low-end devices that don't sport a magnetometer (compass) sensor such as Nokia Lumia 520. The other new feature is the possiblity to create named groups of offline caches (favourites) and do multi-downloads. You can get it the WP Store http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=769dd80e-a92d-4825-954d-57f343c0e93d
  5. The new version is out (get from Store). The update contains several bug-fixes and supports additional waypoints (view and navigate-to).
  6. You may download feature unlimited trial version which works for 20 days.
  7. Sure, if you are online it is automatically published. If not, it is stored locally and sent as soon as possible (when you come back online).
  8. Hello guys, in fact, WP8 keeps applications in memory unless you press back button. If you go home pressing window button, then start new app and then you go back, you end-up in previous app in the state you left it. You can use long press of back button to invoke task manager and switch between recenly started apps. WP8 also support "fast switching" mode which always bring you back to the same state, but it has to be enabled by the app developer. My application xatcher leverages mainly offline maps that are available only on WP8. You can go out and stay completely offline to navigate to the cache. Also your log entries are cached locally so you can write them offline and they are sent later once you get online.
  9. I've just released the new WP8 application. It's now available at Windows Phone Store here: Link The main features: - metro design - it's fast and intuitive - offline maps with possibility of OpenStreet maps overlay - navigation - offline caches - offline logging More info and screenthots here: http://xatcher.blogspot.cz/
  10. Hi, I've just started testing phase of my new GC application. If there is anybody interested in testing it, please send me an email or PM. Some screenshots are here: My Blog Main features: - strictly Metro design - offline usage possible, offline maps - first version with basic functionality, enhancements will be implemented on demand The tester must own a Windows Phone 8 device (WP 7.X is not supported). Regards, Petr
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