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  1. You like me, you REALLY REALLY like me <in my best Sally Fieldd imitation> Thanks!!!
  2. It seems like this forum is only here for pissed off people to say how pissed off they are and a moderator to tell us we're a bunch of losers. How do we let someone know who can actually do something about it?
  3. I have no interest in using Google Earth for anything at all (geocaching or otherwise), so I've lost nothing personally here. If removing this feature means that the site is more responsive for everyone (and I have noticed over the last month or so that site performance has improved), I'm not unhappy. Well since they really just shut it down yesteday I guess something else was makin you happy.
  4. This has been answered several times, by several different people already. Run a Pocket Query, and drop it into Google Earth. and again I say How do I run a pocket querie to give me caches near county lines ... and I don't even know where those county lines are??
  5. Arggggg I'm working on the California County Challenge and tried GE to find caches near the county lines in Northern California where I'm visiting and they've shut it down! It worked last week. Darnit, I knew I should have planned the whole trip last week instead of in pieces. OK ... so with the options available to me now, how do I see the county lines?
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