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  1. Up here in Canada 146.730 is the output frequency of a local repeater VE3TJU and I know of a few others on it as well. 146.520 would make sense and just pick a frequency for each event dependent on local situations. 73 VA3 KKJ
  2. Tried to see if it was the same in all the browsers I have (IE, FF, and Chrome) and was the same. However it seems the "button" is there but just "hidden". I found the spot and clicked and it did link me to the results map. Must be a glitch.
  3. I cannot find the "map these results" when I do a location based search from the main page. All I can do is individually go to each listed cache. Was this update supposed to be better?
  4. Thank You Lumbricus Your answer is very helpful and gives me a good idea of what is needed to get this going. Ken
  5. Wasn't really going for a cool waymark. Was actually trying to pay tribute to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Maybe a new category covering highways like this would be good and thats all I am asking for. How do I go about submitting that? Can someone send me a link. Ive looked but havent found the page I need.
  6. Which category states this? Can you be more specific than "Sign category"? I tried to find where I read it but I can't find it now. I'll keep looking.
  7. They are large (see pic) or small shield type signs that are specific to the route (approx 250km - 150m). There are quite a few of these signs, 3 larger ones being right in Trenton (beginning of the HOH). I don't know how to insert a picture here on the forums so if you can tell me how I will do it. I found a link to a website that has an example of each type of sign. http://www.thankasoldier.net/highway.html I believe there is something similar in the USA - Blue star memorial highway. The difference is these seem to be plaques at rest stops etc., and HOH are road signs simply places along a roadway similar to population signs or distance signs. If a new category is not possible then any suggestion as to where I should put them would be appreciated. I could only find 2 - Non specific veteran memorials - but I do not think it really fits or Afghanistan/Iraq War Memorials - but again I don't think it really fits. Regards,
  8. I am new to Waymarking and even newer to submitting waymarks and totally new on how to add a new catagory. I would like to add a subcatagory in the signs catagory called "Highway of Heroes". In Canada the government has dedicated and posted a stretch of Hwy 401 between Trenton Ontario and Toronto Ontario as well as the intown routes to and from Hwy 401 in both cities. The Highway of Heroes is the route taken by the repatriation procession when a Canadian Soldier has been returned to Canada after has paid the ultimate sacrifice in battle. I would like to start posting these signs as a waymark but cannot find a suitable category to put it in. And the instructions in the sign catagory states any new waymarks MUST fit into an existing category. any help would be appreciated kenlaur
  9. This is definitely NOT the Highway of Heroes Letterbox. As an avid letterboxer I have visited it and as Lone R wrote its on the shore of Lake Ontario. I also checked the letterboxing sites I know of and even the archived stuff in LBNA and there is no mention of it. I am going to check with another boxer JIGGS11 who has probably found most LBs east of Toronto. If he doesn't know about it it probably is not a LB. I wonder if its a LB Hybrid? Kenlaur
  10. Seven deadly ones - greed is definitely winter friendly as well as one armed bandits. A couple I remember as NOT being winter friendly are Bike Medics and Free parking
  11. Should have read ALL your posts. If you remember where the Virtual was then the Foundations: Ghosttown cache is very close to that and you need to driveby 10000 budha on the way to the other 2 earthcahes.
  12. We travel to Niagara 2 or 3 times a year. I have no update on how much snow is on the ground, however the TB Hotel you want to go for is should be doable in the winter. Depending on your transportation method there are lots of good caches accessible along the river. There are 3 earthcaches and 1 virtual also which are good and easily obtainable. Tablerock Whirlpool Gorge St Davids Buried Gorge Niagara falls Virtual May I also suggest Foundations Ghost of Clifton as well as Ten Thousand Budha Temple of Peace ... These are winter accessible. Have a good Niagara Adventure Kenlaur
  13. kenlaur

    GCz with HTC Touch

    Thanks for the replys I emailed the creater of the program and he recommended the newest version ( He stated that Geocaching.com updated their coding on the site. Installed that and got another error "viewstate1". Emailed him with the new errow and he said Geocaching changed their coding yet again. He told me to go back to Ver and it works better a faster than ever, and the radar screen looks great I can't wait to get out and try it. The version I previously had was
  14. kenlaur

    GCz with HTC Touch

    Don't know how this thread got posted. Not sure how I can delete.
  15. kenlaur

    GCz with HTC Touch

    I have an HTC Touch and d/l the GCz program about 1 month ago. I used it to paperless cache and it worked great. Then a few days ago when it started running slow and came up with " form input error" messeges. I tried to d/l the newest version and although it has great features it still has the same error. The phone is running Windows Mobile 6.1 and I changed nothing when the program stopped working properly. Does anyone have any ideas that will help me? thanks in advance
  16. I just purchaced a Triton 500 at a major retail store. It came with a Full TOPO Canada map as a bonus for the same price Magellan has listed on the web for the unit without the map. It came with a nice protective case and a cable. I have no previous experience using a stand alone handhelp GPSr. (I have only used my Magellan 2200T vehicle unit, and my HTC Touch GPS enabled cell phone) and find it extremely easy to use and it seems very accurate so far. I have just started downloading caches into it using the Vanatagepoint software that you download, and that process seems fairly easy. You can D/L the basic cache info (pretty much cache name, type, and coordinates) in a .LOC file format right from the caches webpage. I believe the .GPX file format offers much more information (clues, hints, etc) but you must be a premium member to get these, and I am not. Hope that helps
  17. I use the HTC Touch on the Bell Mobility network in Ontario .. it is a 1st generation HTC touch with the firmware update that was mentioned in a previous posting. I have been a Letterboxer for almost a year now, and I just started geocaching in Mid Apr when I stumbled upon the free geocaching software (GCz) by Nicque. All I did was load it on my phone and started using it. You also have to find and install Google Maps Mobile if you wish to take advantage of all the features of the program. I find geocaching so easy using this program that I find myself doing more Geocaching than Letterboxing. The Touch has a 2mp camera with video capability and takes a Micro SD. You can just transfer any data from full size SD to the micro. The biggest problem with caching with a Phone type GPS is that it relies heavily on being within cell phone service range. The GPS does work without cell service but does not seem to be as accurate. I believe this is because of the aGPS technology. For those caches in areas with no cell phone services all I do is do a search when I do have service and then set it as a fovourite on Google maps. Then I just bring it google maps when I am out hunting for caches. I do not believe it is WAAS, however I find it extreemly accurate most of the time. As far as your FIDO # ... not sure on that one however I believe that you can take your number with you to any service provider. Hope this helps
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