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  1. Nothing much around my little town. Rural agri community
  2. Haaa hahaha yesssss .... the elusive Rusty Can Cache. It haunts my dreams!! And thanks for the WB
  3. Finally ... this is the point. And I think I will have to go visit my caches from today with that in mind.
  4. No. I'm trying to excuse not giving the cache location away. And its not a THREAT ... grow up.
  5. Right, so now I will probably open a can of worms here ... but hey, who really cares. True. So the rule doesn't say "Be circumspect. Don't let the muggles see" . And we must follow the rules. right? I'm not trying to start a fight with anyone, I'm trying to show that following rules blindly have consequences. I should probably start a new thread regarding this since the issue is a bit bigger than "You didn't sign, you can't log". The real problem is (in my opinion, yours may differ), the placement of caches - in my area at least. Anyway, I'm going to leave this here, have a think and then I will start a new thread in the next couple of days.
  6. So .... today I went cache hunting. Its a weekday morning, but I'm on leave. SIX of SEVEN of the caches had people around them: 1. Workers at a monument busy with grounds work. 2. A DNF 3. Right across the road from a girls school. You can imagine how great it feels as a 50 yo long haired male to be inspecting the fence of that girls school to get the magnetic microcache. 4. Municipal park with park workers. You try getting the micro cache from the tree without them becoming interested in it. 5. Cemetary .... guy mowing the lawn while you search a tree instead of looking at a grave? etc etc etc. So would you prefer people do the proper thing and your cache gets muggled? I'm honestly of the opinion that if ONE person complains about me not signing a log I will start caching in broad daylight, sign the cache and leave it up to the CO to rethink where they place their caches.
  7. I've been "cache-dormant" for almost 15 years. When I started up cache hunting again, I realised that I had about 100 or so finds I did not log (from old diary entries). The thought never even crossed my mind to "back log" these find. I think logging old finds are a bit uhhhmmm ... dubious.
  8. Update: I got in contact with the current land owners, but sadly, I do not think we will be able to place a cache on this land again. 1. The owners don't want strangers on the land without prior notification. Since this is situated in a rural area, security is a concern. 2. Liability. The current owners are concerned about liability issues if they give the public permission to use the land. 3. (And this is a minor one) The land is currently part of a land claims procedure. Depending on the outcome there might be new owners with new issues. I've been googling a lot about the new rules for placing caches and have to say, it all makes sense. Keep in mind that this cache was placed before anyone even THOUGHT of all these issues. "Dit was leeu wereld, mense" I want to thank Jors for setting up the tribute cache. Regards, GPSF
  9. So .... 4 Days ago I visited a friend of mine owning a bike shop in Centurion. They had all sorts of GPSs on the shelf, and I a cute little unit (Etrex 30x) that supported geocaching. WOW!! I thought back to the couple of caches I found and the one I placed and immediately bought it. A couple of days later I signed up for a new account on geocaching.com, since I had no clue what my old account details were. I browsed and googled geocaching in SA, and BAM!! ... my old cache name popped up. I finally found some details on what was placed in the cache (The Navision wristwatch - the company I worked for at the time) and then contacted the goecaching.com support team to recover my old account. And only as I started reading more did I see how many people spoke about that 1st cache. I feel so bad about letting the cache go to seed, and never realised what an impact it would have on the caching community. I've sent my friends who previously owned the property an email, and will see if they know the current owners. I will hopefully be able to speak to the new owners within the next week or so, and will give feedback here about the possibility of resurrecting this cache. Regards, GPSFrodo.
  10. Personally I would use a Garmin Etrex Ledgend C
  11. I'll see what I can do... but I'm afraid I've got loads of commitments this weekend already so the chance is going to be mighty slim. Wellllll, I might just go and find this cache as my last find before leaving. Will go out on saterday morning.
  12. I will be leaving for Ireland on sunday. If you have any travel bugs that need a lift please e-mail me. I will be spending 2 weeks in Cork and 2.5 months in Dublin. So please state your preference as to the new home of your TB too. I can either meet up with you in Pretoria or alternatively I will visit the Pierre van Ryneveld Cache - GCQGF1 (only if someone e-mails and ask me to do a pickup) Cheers GPSF
  13. Well, I have a South African PayPal account. I had it verified and it works fine. The only limitation is that no-one can pay ME, I can pay OTHER people. If you guys still have problems, let me know and I will go through the process here.
  14. Well, the sport has grown shown HUGE growth in South Africa. I can still remember placing my 1st cache ,GC163, (and the 1st in SA AFAIK) a couple of years ago. It lasted a total of 11 days. One find by Jors, and then POOF, gone. I am planning some new caches and thinking of clever ways of securing the cache (combination locks etc etc) I don't think we can make this muggle proof, but at least we can make it difficult to raid. Anyway, I'm just so excited about getting back into geocaching that the loss of one or 2 of my caches seems a fair price to pay. GPSFrodo
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