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  1. I'm a huge fan of CYOA style books and have over 900 of them. If you do one like the double diamond series, it could work with a common start and finish. The choices would be how you would get there. Basically hiding 9 physical caches having a story line in each one to guide the seeker. One cache branching to two choices then two more then narrowing it down to two and then the final. You could have a score in the final or bonus puzzle caches for alternate finals. I've been thinking about it for years but haven't done anything yet. Wherigo is also a very interactive why to do it. Denalli41 in Colorado has one with field puzzles and multiple choices.
  2. What if you create a closed facebook group for "Charter" members and moderate who gets to join your group. There are also other places besides facebook you can make a group, open or closed.
  3. Gloves. caches in bushes can be really tough. And pine trees. Colorado has way too many pine tree hides. If the owner or last finder was nice the cache will be near the edge of the bush or near a corner of some sort of landscaping. I have found larger caches in the middle of bushes.
  4. BadgegenBeta and findstats. Love the badges.
  5. I've recently started finding a bunch of waymarks. I was interested only because GSAK and badge gen has a badge for the stats output on geocaching.com. I have talked to a lot of cachers and none of them do waymarks only because they don't show up on the main website. If there was a simple count on your profile page with an icon like benchmarks, I know a lot more people would be interested. Is there any reason the sites are so divorced in this area? I think waymarks are more interesting than a lot of caches. May just be a phase for me, I guess we will see after another hundred waymarks. Thanks, Dan
  6. competitions are cool, if you're into competition. Most cachers are casual and social (if they attend events). I like the idea, only one problem. How do you accomidate the local cachers who have found most of the caches around the event location? I have found 900 in a day doing the first E.T trail, but that is not likely in most locations. We have had cache competitions around some larger events but they were to go find newly placed caches (not yet published) in 3 hours. It was run as an optional activity as part of a larger plan. A special edition coin was awarded for the team who found the most caches in the shortest amount of time. Each cache had a symbol on the log to prove you actually found the cache. The winners got a special edition coin. Doing a 24 hour cache run is pretty extreme even for a lot of hard core power trail cachers. Around Denver I have heard of people getting 400-500 in a day starting in Colorado Springs and ending up near Cheyenne.
  7. I emailed Garmin hoping they will produce an update for the Colorado. If we all put a little pressure on them maybe they will. The possibilities of what the chirp could do for puzzles and multis is exciting. Very disappointing for having a CO400t. I don't think it will catch on very well being limited to only $500+ units. Thanks
  8. I won the Delorme topo USA 8.0 DVD at an event and would like to know if the Colorado 400t would use it correctly. Has anyone installed it into their Garmin? Thanks, Dan
  9. I wish I hid this one. H2No GC1FRGT if you only have time for one in Greeley Colorado this one should be considered. GC178XF Levi's Cache is my favorite puzzle so far in Eaton CO.
  10. I love BeeLineGPS but I think it would need the touchscreen, There is also cachemate [Edited by moderator to remove references to unauthorized applications.]
  11. What program are you using on your PDA? I use Cachemate, all I do is put the sd card in my laptop and copy the gpx file to it. Then put the sd card in my pda and import into cachemate. Chris I use beeLineGPS, but I do have cachemate, I don't like it as much. the problem I am having is where do I find the filtered files to send to the sd card or pda. I have thousands of files from pocket querries and the internal memory can only operate with about 1500 at a time in the pda program, I just want to make a database for the ones in the area I will be in.
  12. I am sure there is a ton of information already about this, but I am having trouble figuring out how to send specific gpx files to active sync for a pocket pc pda I also can't get windows vista (crap) to work with syncing windows 2003 or wm5 on a laptop thank you, anything may help
  13. I use BeeLineGPS on an Ipaq pda, but my wife prefers the cheaper Garmin 200, I want to know how to put pocket quiries into the nuvi 200 as pois so she doesn't have to punch in the coords for every cache. I am sure it is very simple, but this is where I am starting so I don't have to wast time on research and trial and error. Thank you, Dan
  14. I had an idea to do something similar. I want to do a choose your own adventure style multi with a thick plot line, mabey wizards, warrriors and you style with multiple characters to role play. So the first cache would have you choose your character and the rest or most of the caches (or pages, if you think of it as a solo gamebook) would have you go to related caches. I wanted to implement puzzles and letterbox type things, with riddles and clues or maps. And even have character sheets that you would have a virtual inventory and notes of what you found in a cache so you can use it for another one. for example: Like if one path went to a micro with a rope in it and you come to a plot line where it would be usefull you could use it and that choice would put you to a differant cache than if you didn't find the one with the rope first. fights would be done with a solo/ virtual type system. Six sided dice or pick a number and go there type thing to see what the outcome is. The hardest part for me would be to come up with a storyline that was good enough quality to make it awsome. I am not an author but I can usually come up with some creative ideas. I have been looking for someone to co create something with. if the story is there the caches and locations would be easily adapted to suit the needs of a "real life" gamebook. Its not quite as cool as Live action but with a solo based game it wouldn't require a gm and could be done as a mult with 100s of possibilities. Say the shortes route to the final would be 10 caches and you are a hero. Making all the right decisions and finding everything in a perfect order. Or you could go in circles and cover 50 miles of territory and find all 50 or 100 caches before you get to the end. Of course there would have to be more than one possible ending and mabey one ultimate goal or treasure. I don't know, I have just recently begun to think about this and should just try to write a "book" and then adapt it to coordinates instead of pages. I have over 800 different gamebooks of all varietys and should just start reading them all again, and again. I just don't want to steal any ideas from the story lines. Just some random thoughts, Dan
  15. I don't know if this will help you, but what I do with my beeLineGps software on a PDA is start a search at a certain zip code and then preview it, jump to the last page and pick a cache number in the next area to search and do another. There is some overlap of course but each time it expands the boundaries further. As far as doing a doughnut shape though, mabey do a search of that city up to its radius and then delete those from your list, but again I don't know if that helps because the software you use may be totaly differant than mine. I have a huge database of caches in areas I may be in and as I am driving around they are all displayed on a blank map of waypoints and breadcrumb trails. hope this helps. Dan
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