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  1. I was driving down a dirt road way out in the woods one October. I had to go real bad so I stopped in the road and got out. I went to the side of the road where there was a deep ditch and looked around then unzipped and pulled out the equipment. Then I looked down in the ditch and saw a fellow looking back up at me. He was dressed in camo and had a bow and arrow. It was deer bow season. I said, "Sorry about that," and quickly put everything away and hopped back in my truck. I drove another mile before I stopped again. I don't know which of us was more surprised, but we both got a good story to tell.
  2. Found your Underground Railroad cache today and decided to check out the forums while I was online. For some reason I went to the Midwest forums, which I hardly ever do, and saw your post. Talk about coincidence. I had been thinking about a get-together this summer and I'm glad someone else is on the same track. I should be retiring at the end of June and will have plenty of time to help out. My e-mail is almac882@aol.com. Keep me up to date on how it's going and how I can help.
  3. Is this what geocachers do in the winter? Some people have waaaaay too much time on their hands. You guys are a trip.
  4. Forget it Opus P. I found that site last summer and it wasn't much. Also its in a park with an entry fee. I've found a number of this guys caches and they were mostly on the same level. One of them only contained a plastic carrot and no log book.
  5. Here's a strange one. I logged into Geocaching.com and then jumped over to the forums and logged in here. But then when I used the hyperlink on Jeremy's Should this cache be posted poll I had to log in again. Waaasup?
  6. I voted yes because I believe the cacher should be able to make up his/her own mind. But I also believe that only the coords should be hidden. That way the "newby" can get a feel for what geocaching is all about and be more likely to sign on. I don't like to register on most sites because I don't like them sending a bunch of e-mail offers.
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