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  1. Something else just to add to the finding of travel bugs. I am kind of a bug person (I know i have not been caching long but... I like the bugs and think they are more fun to move than the actual caching itself :-)


    This is helpful for a trip. If you know your going to be traveling from point A to point B create a route using the directions then you can create a Pocket Query based on your route and tell it to find all caches within x distance along that route that have bugs in them.


    Again its a good idea to check out the logs to see if it looks like it may still be in the cache.


    Have fun :-)

  2. Thanks everyone for their reply. I went with the advise of checking goals then contacting owners. ALL of the owners were rather excited: A. That I picked up the TB. B. That I was going to take it so far. C. Did not mind that I had them for the designated amount of time.


    Happy caching to everyone.

  3. Yeah, I have been checking the goals. I have seen a few running in a direction different than me and will surly pass them over. But I guess my real question is. How many TB and Coins would be to many to carry :-)


    Not in my opinion. Make sure you know the goals of the travel bugs before you move them that far. If there goal is purely miles then they are fair game. You just have to use your best judgement as to how long they are in your possession.

  4. I am going to be moving in a few days. A move that is going to take me about 3k miles. I was wondering, there are a few TB's in the area that are just wanting to add up miles. Would there be anything wrong with picking up handful and taking them with? I see some people that seem a bit angry on the form when someone goes around and harvests them. I guess the only difference for me is that I would indeed be moving them, Just going to have to hang onto them for a few weeks.

  5. buzzsawddog - that email address is still valid (however, there's currently an issue with emails bouncing which should be resolved soon). I am the one who answers those emails, so I'll be watching for when you write in. :)


    Like TeamEccs21 said, each design would have to be approved before it goes into production. If it's 50 different designs, that's fine - just send them to the email address when you're ready and I'll look them over for approval. You'll want to make sure the design includes "trackable at geocaching.com." Also please note that they would all be listed under the same series (since the minimum order is 50) so they would share the same name (and icon if purchased) when activated. So it's good to keep the name fairly generic when you have different designs.


    If you would like I can send you the bounce email if you think it would help figure out what is going on.


    Can the designs be each submitted at a different time? Lets say two this month, three next then wait a while and do a few more?


    How do I go about buying the numbers? That is also something I did not see.


    I would be totally fine sending in the design sketches or whatever but being hand crafted they will vary slightly. Is this okay?


    Thank you very much for the quick reply :-)

  6. I sent the following email to: geocoins@geocaching.com and it bounced back to me. I am guessing it was an old email address I found on the site so I am not quite sure who to contact.


    I am an artist and have several ideas for some geocoins. The coins

    and designs will be hand minted and designed (by me). Is this an

    acceptable practice? From what I understand there is a 50 code

    minimum block requirement for codes at $1.50 each. Can each of the

    codes be used for a different coin design?


    Basically I am interested in creating something of artistic value and not sending my design to someone to someone else to make. Each coin would be be unique and therefor I think more fun!

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