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  1. Is there ayone that is willing to speak at our club. We are a metal detecting club in Garden Grove, CA and try to have a program every month at our general meetings. The name of our club is West Coasters and we have many members that are interested in geocaching. If anyone is interested you can email me through our website, www.westcoasters.org. We normally have about 50 to 75 members per meeting, so you would be speaking to a small group, but still be able to get the geocaching word out. I would really appreciate hearing from you. Thank you, Kathi President of the West Coasters
  2. Thank you so very much!!!!!! I hope I can get intouch with SSolpugid. Your Great!! Katper Here is the cache information I was able find doing a quick qwery. (Almost) Land's End by SSolpugid (GC10YMT) California SSolpugid is the owner and the Waypoint is GC10YMT. The last find was August 10th and it has not been reported missing yet. I will send an email to the owner and let him know that the cache has been found and will link it to this post. You will be able to contact each other that way. Hope this helps. -HHH
  3. Hello Anyone, I do not know what I am doing but here is my story and maybe someone can help me. My husband & I metal detect in CA. and Wednesday when we were on the beach a geocache came washing up out of the ocean. The name is (almost) land's end. There was nothing inside of the cache, but now I do not know what to do with it. I will be glad to rehide it, but how do I find out who it belongs to? Thank you for helping!!! Katper
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