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  1. It has been a few years since I was actively geocaching but now I am ready to get back into it. Unfortunately, my Oregon 450 no longer functions and I need a replacement. I would like the replacement to have paperless caching, compass, and altimeter. I will be using it mostly for hiking and geocaching; I have a separate car GPS for driving. I might download some free maps at some point. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Especially from anyone who has moved on from an Oregon. Thanks, WildHog
  2. Says it's routable. I wonder if there's some type of issue with the map tiles; like it doesn't think adjacent tiles are next to each other or something.
  3. That's what I thought too until I tried MapSource.
  4. OSM generic routable (new style). Although I've tried with with the older version and had the same results. OSM maps were downloaded and installed yesterday but I've had this problem with maps installed several months ago too.
  5. I have the driving profile set for both OSM and City Navigator. The only difference is that I change the selected map before I click "recalculate".
  6. I have City Navigator North America NT tied to my eTrex Vista HCx and then I use OSM on my Oregon 450. I'm having some major routing issues with OSM in BaseCamp and on my Oregon. When I try to create a route; for example from Chicago to Atlanta, I get a direct line in BaseCamp and either a routing error or a stopover in Boston on my Oregon. As expected I have no problems with City Navigator. Now here's what really confuses me, when I use OSM in MapSource I have no problems with OSM routes, they are almost identical to the routes City Navigator produces. Is this an OSM problem, Garmin problem, or can I just tweak some settings in BaseCamp or on the Oregon?
  7. There can be a very large discrepancy sometimes depending on where you are. Parts of Texas have actually lowered due to pumping oil from the ground. Also keep in mind when you look up surveys that a US survey foot is different from the foot you would measure using a regular ruler.
  8. It depends on which vertical datum the information came from. Many signs are still posted using a vertical datum from 1929 even though there is a more accurate one from 1988. It's the same with lat/lon. Many of the "you are here" markers use the datum from 1923 which is different than the default GPS datum. So if you take your GPS there the readings won't match the sign.
  9. I'm in the exact same boat. I have an Oregon 450 and use the OSM maps with it. The OSM maps work great and have gotten me to my destination. Some of the POI's are out of date and I've had trouble with address searching; but I've also had those problems with the Garmin maps. I highly recommend the OSM maps and I love my Oregon; my eTrex Vista HCx has been gathering dust since got the Oregon.
  10. I just received an Oregon 450 and I've been trying it out. When I plug in my external power cable the unit enters mass storage mode even though it's just a power cable. I have two power cables and it's done this with both; kind of hard to drive down the road in mass storage mode. I thought I remembered someone else on the forum having the same issue but I can't find the post. Anybody know what the problem is or where the previous post is? Thanks Mark
  11. I currently have an HP iPAQ 211 running Windows Mobile 6.0 that I use CacheMate with for doing paperless caches. Unfortunately it looks like Windows Mobile PDAs are going the way of the dinosaur and I'm wondering what to purchase next. I was thinking about an ipod touch, it seems to do most of the things I use my current PDA for. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks Mark
  12. It's not the filling the memory part it's the 10,000 points part. I like to leave the tracks on when I travel; then when I get home I have a *.gpx file for each day and I don't have remember to save the track log each day.
  13. Thanks for the input. Do you know if either the eTrex 30 or 62s can automatically save tracks to the SD card? I like that feature on the Vista HCx because I can keep the tracking on and not worry about the internal track memory filling up. Plus it saves them by date so I can just look at the *.gpx file for a particular day. Thanks
  14. Hi everyone, I currently have a Vista HCx with City Navigator North America NT tied to it. I also have the lifetime updates for the maps. If I sell or give my unit to someone else then does the next owner get the maps too? Thanks
  15. Hi everyone, I currently have a Vista HCx that I use for caching, driving, hiking, etc. I'm thinking of upgrading because I like some of the new features like the three axis compass, paperless caching, and wireless capabilities on the eTrex 30 and 62s. I'd appreciate any comments from people who have used the Vista HCx and the other two; how do they match up? Thanks
  16. POI Loader can either create a file to save on your computer, so you can copy it onto the GPSr; or load the POIs directly to your GPS.
  17. Hi all, I use GSAK to create csv files that I then load onto my Vista HCx as custom points of interest. Here's the problem: when POI Loader saves the generated file on my computer and I copy it to my GPSr it doesn't work, I get a bunch of blank values that are 7000+ miles away; when I send the file to my GPSr instead then it seems to work just fine. Anyone else have this problem? Shouldn't POI Loader be generating the same POI file whether saving it to the computer or sending to GPSr? Thanks WildHog
  18. Thanks for the info. I wasn't sure what was supposed to happen after everything downloads.
  19. The program actually crashes. I have a wired connection so if it gets interrupted I don't think that is happening on my end. When it starts downloading the program says about an hour to download but if I come back an hour later it will say 40 minutes left. Have you successfully used this Map Updater program? What happens after downloading all of the map data? Thanks
  20. Is there any error message? Or does your computer simply BSOD? And what are you updating? Do you have a purchased pre-loaded card? Or is this a card that you used the DVD product to load on to the card? If this is the DVD product is this the unit that was unlocked with the DVD? It gives me the message that the Map Updater program caused some error and Windows had to close it with the standard "would you like to send the information to Microsoft" option. Everything is done online with these updates. I purchased the DVD of the maps several years ago and I want to update them. When I purchased the DVD and registered it to my GPSr I was able to download a map update after that; but that download was a direct download of the map files. I believe what is supposed to happen; (but I haven't gotten that far yet!)is that this Map Updater software downloads the map update, installs it to MapSource on my computer, and then I can load it onto my Vista HCx.
  21. Hi all, I recently purchased the NuMap Lifetime Updates for North America City Navigator NT. I use the maps with my Garmin Vista HCx. Apparently the way the updates work is you start a Map Update program that downloads the updates instead of downloading an update file directly, however this program keeps crashing after downloading data for a few hours. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has had this problem and if there is fix. Thanks
  22. Does anyone know if it's possible to include archived caches in pocket queries? A couple of times now I've gone into CacheMate or GSAK to look for caches only to find out that some have been archived and I was not aware of it. Thanks WildHog
  23. I got out my blue eTrex Legend today only to find that the screen is flickering off and on. At first I thought it was powering off but it turns out it was just the screen. Anyone else have this problem and is there any fix short of sending it back to Garmin? Thanks WildHog
  24. I don't have an Oregon but I have used Toshiba and Kingston microSD with no problems. I almost always use Kingston SD cards; out of six cards only one has worn out and that was after years of use. In contrast I've had a SanDisk SD card die the week after I purchased it.
  25. I currently have an HP iPAQ rx1955. I'm thinking of upgrading to the HP iPAQ 211. Anyone have experience with the 211 or suggestions? I'd appreciate it. Thanks Wildhog
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