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  1. This is a subliminal message "Vote 10 points for trig points"
  2. Just my 2p I have got a few Peli cases, which as stated earlier are very good, practically bomb-proof. Mine have a release valve to let the air pressure out, but I think that these are totally over the top for caches. The lock and lock boxes would be better. The Peli boxes are a bit like the Tardis in reverse, huge on the outside but small on the inside!
  3. Wow! It's really nice Two questions: - Any idea of the cost each? What is the next step down from abject poverty?
  4. Too windy too use high powered binoculars here, and no trees to steady yourself against
  5. No problem bagging trigs here in Shetland as there is no law of trespass To make up for it we have soggy peat which you will disappear up to your ankles in, no trees for cover, puddles atop of hills that are as deep as you are tall, wind and rain and hail and sleet and snow. If anyone thinks trigpointing is easy come and meet me here
  6. Mmm, 50 points for hiding a cache - at last a use for those 65 film containers!!
  7. I would love to have a gun that fired micro caches up to the top of hill from the bottom, then the cache reports its position back to my PC. This would at least save me walking up the hills!
  8. Getting lost is not the crime! The crime is not being prepared for it. Spoken by the man who always carries 2 GPS units, a banana, mars bar and a couple of bottles of water, waterproof trousers, hat gloves, mobile phone, binoculars, Leatherman, plus extra penknife, whistle, torch etc. etc. ... and this is just for the walk to work!!
  9. Thanks for all of the answers and some great ideas. In Shetland there is much less choice and much less competition. The cheapest plastic lunch box I have seen here was £1.99 and it wasn't really suitable for geocaching. Snap lid boxes start at £4 and upwards. Excluding banks, there are only 3 chain store shops on the whole island, Safeway, Co-op and Mackays. They would be the equivalent of compact stores on the mainland. This is why most of the locals can't wait to get to the mainland, especially for clothes. Ours are very expensive here and the people who choose what goes on the racks in the shops put profit before style, hence why most people seem to have mail order catalogues. I thought about getting my family to send some bits and pieces to me whilst these messages were being added to the topic. Thanks again
  10. 22:55 Shetland I decided to give up looking up to the sky when the hailstones started to penetrate my skull, such was the ferocity of the wind!! Andy
  11. Suffering from abject poverty, only working part time for a government agency not known for large wage packets, here in Shetland, I am not in a position to lash out money on ammo boxes, tupperware containers and gifts, so I have started putting micro caches out there. Problem is that the recent ones only have a pencil and a log book in them. I would like to put something in them for any families that go out there searching for them. What small and inexpensive items do people put in micro caches? So far I have put batteries, keyrings and ear plugs in them, but I am looking for other ideas. Thanks
  12. I usually use ITBloke666 after my time in IT support when my employer gave me some poncey title for the job I was doing. Being a down to earth person I started signing all of my letters IT Bloke which stuck. 666 was just to let people know that there is a devilish side to me, not because I worship the Dark One! I decided on something new when I came into geocaching, and having just moved to Shetland, and seeing how few people have any real idea of how far away this place is from civilisation and proper shops, (a 12 hour ferry ride north from Aberdeen), I thought that incorporating the line of latitude in there would be good. I am also not particularly keen on people knowing who I really am. Also secrecy has always been part of my job. I spent a number of years in the SAS and everything was very hush hush. Oh, that's Sams Anvil Shop by the way , not the Special Air Service! Quite why our anvils were so secret god only knows. Take care Andy dadgum, that's blown the secret!
  13. Ah ha! So simple!! Thanks a lot
  14. A friend told me about the time that he was in the Welsh hills and came across a sheep with its head tangled in a wire fence. Luckily he had his Leatherman PST and was able to rescue the beast by cutting the fence wire. The sheep had looked terrified on seeing my friend approaching!! About a year ago I though that I had found myself in a similar situation in Shetland. I staggered and slipped down a hill, almost falling over. By the time that I got to the sheep it just pulled its head out of the fence and wandered off. I had been absolutely convinced that it was stuck. My attempts to show off to the new girlfriend was wasted completely. At 43 I should have known better!!
  15. It appears as though I archived one of my caches - Voxterview, although I could have sworn that I just made it temporarily unavailable, when a cacher reported that there had been water ingression. I have searched the forums but just can't find an answer to my question, although I am sure that it must be covered somewhere, but it doesn't even seem to be in the FAQ. I have been out to the cache today and replaced the container and contents. How do I un-archive the cache? I assumed that it would just be a case of using the click to enable link but that hasn't done anything. Thanks 60North
  16. Hi I have been contacted by a geocacher in my area who is quite new to the sport. He has been speaking to a local radio station interviewer socially and she wants to do a story on geocaching. He is not keen on being questioned "live" and has asked me to take the baton. I am happy to although I have only been in the sport for a year but have found, set and adopted caches, and have a reasonable idea of how the system works. I am expecting to be asked who laid the first cache, how many there are and in how many countries, how to find them, what is in a cache etc. I will be able to answer all of these questions except the first. I can't find the answer in the FAQ. Can someone tell me? Thanks
  17. Hi I live on mainland Shetland and have visited all of Mark's caches in Shetland with the exception of Fettled Funzie. I am assuming that I am the only geocacher, who is aware of Mark's sad death, on Shetland when I write this. Shetland Overview is on mainland Shetland and I could adopt that easily. Shout is on Yell. Its about 70 miles round trip a plus a ferry crossing from my house. Can You Hear Me Mother is on Unst and about a 100 mile round trip and two ferry rides away from my house. Fettled Funzie is on Fetlar and is about a 90 mile round trip and two ferry rides from my house. Its the worst place to get to due to the lack of ferries. If there are no geocachers who live on Unst, Fetlar or Yell then I will happily (if sporadically) look after them/adopt them. I may be the only optionin this area, although there MAY be one other person, whose details were lost in a recent Windoze incident! I am in a position where, through my job, I sometimes, but not often, travel to these islands. I am hoping that when I do I will have the opportunity to spend the time in maintaining them where necessary. This job may finish in December 2005 If this is acceptable to all, and there are no geocachers on these islands, please let me know what I should do next. Thanks 60North
  18. I am having some labels printed to mark my geocaches with. As I have got to order loads of them it is my intention to offer to sell labels to other geocachers, either direct or through eBay. The stickers are outdoor proof (for a couple of years at least!) and will be sold in 5s at £2.50 plus post and packing at cost to UK. Total cost should be under £3 if they are bought outside eBay. They are 50x100mm black on green, and are similar to Groundspeak's but without their logo. It has something else instead. Posting outside of the UK may be prohibitively expensive so at the moment I am going to see how they go in the UK. If you are interested in 5 labels for about 3ukp posted to your UK letterbox then let me know. Thanks Andy
  19. I am having some labels printed to mark my geocaches with. As I have got to order loads of them it is my intention to offer to sell labels to other geocachers, either direct or through eBay. The stickers are outdoor proof (for a couple of years at least!) and will be sold in 5s at £2.50 plus post and packing at cost to UK. Total cost should be under £3 if they are bought outside eBay. They are 50x100mm and are similar to Groundspeak's but without their logo. It has something else instead. Thanks Andy [edited to remove buyers contact info]
  20. Its probably bad etiquette to answer your own messages, but at least if I tell you theanswer, I wont appear as dim as when I asked the question. I was using the following settings originally on my Garmin2+ POSN - British Grid Datum - WGS84 I should have been using POSN - British Grid Datum - Ord Srvy GB Doh, doh doh! Now when I look at the GPS and then look at the map, guess what? You guessed it, the GPS gives me the correct grid reference! Andy
  21. Try www.serialleads.co.uk There are loads there that will give you an idea of what you want Andy
  22. I have owned my Garmin GPS2+ for some years and there is something that I don't understand about it, which was highlighted on a recent geocaching trip within the UK. I decided to use the 10 figure grid reference at the top of the geocaching page. Both my son and I fed this into our Garmin GPS'. We also took along paper maps. When we arrived at the car park my son put his GPS into GOTO mode, with the geocache grid ref selected. I had already looked at the map and had envisaged a move away from the car park in a certain direction, but he was heading off at 90 degrees to what I had intended. I followed him, putting my GPS into GOTO mode, with the same grid ref selected. When we arrived at the location that both of the GPS said we should have been heading for we were on the wrong side of the hill and about a third of a mile away according to the map. I took the matter in hand and map read to the location manually. There was a lot of ground clutter with no obvious landmark so we headed back to the car park and changed our GPS' nav setup to: - hddd (degrees) mm.mmm then punched in the location given in that format on the geocache page. This time we used the GOTO function and the arrow took us to where we were when I had manually map read. This time, with more confidence, we searched and found the cache. Our GPS' are set up the same now: - Posn - hddd (degrees) mm.mmm Datum - WGS 84 CDI Scale - +/- 0.25 Units - Statute Heading - Auto Mag W006 I have read and re-read the manual and other than the last setting, which I am not sure is relevant to this problem anyway, I am sure that these settings are correct. Needless to say, until I find an answer I am going to stick to hddd (degrees) mm.mmm, but as I use OSGB paper maps I really would prefer to use grid references. Any advise would be gladly accepted. Thanks Andy Hayes
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