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  1. There's always the adoption agency known as 'Ebay' if you're sure you dont want it anymore



    Good plan - lets see if I can get on eBay!


    Edited - (Some time later!) It was easier than usual. Am I the only one that only gets onto eBay UK 1 in every 10 times that I try? Anyway, I have listed the travel bug, some logbooks, pencils and labels. Everything must go in my quest for a 60CS!

  2. I guess it depends on what the purpose is, if its your purpose to spend your entire life hoping that someone will develope a certain application that you need, and that it will automatically be superior to all of the multitude of already existing Windows version then I guess it does defeat this.


    If however, you are hoping to enjoy the best of both worlds, and are happy to make do until someone does develope a highly superior Linux equivalent, then Wine is the answer, many Windows aplications actually run faster in Linux using Wine, so its actually a superior answer to using Windows anyway!

    True enough. I bought the Mac as I just got sick and tired of battling viruses, bear in mind that I had supported a network of 300 PCs/Macs/Servers.


    Macs do have a Windows emulator available, but it can get viruses!! Nooooooooo!!


    Should have stuck with the Psions for mapping!

  3. OI!!!! :o


    Mac users are supposed to stick together :D


    Anyway - Try this webpage see if that's any good for you? Also freeware prog here.

    Oh I am sticking together.


    I have been to both links - the first is an OS9 app only - spits!!


    The second app I use already. Its good for maintaining waypoints but nothing else. I think that I have donated, but I just can't remember, but it looks as though development has stopped.


    I should have stuck with the Psions, at least the netBook and netPad had decent sized screens.

  4. I decided to put my GPS gear on eBay, especially since someone else selling a GPS2+ got £72. No lectures please, I already know how eBay works!


    I got the eTrex Camo out of my coat pocket, where it resides in its case. Some time ago I had cracked the screen when I wedged it between the dash and the windscreen in the car. Those lovely people at Garmin fixed it/replaced it for me FOC so I was really pleased. I thought that I would just give it the once over and make sure that it was clean and looked like new. I just could not believe it when I looked at it and found a crack in the screen. It has always been in a protective case, never been dropped, never left anywhere really hot or cold or in direct sunlight. My jacket is always hung up on a hook and never used as something to sit on when I am outside. I was absolutely gutted, especially as I am trying to get the money together for a 60cs.


    I have never heard of the eTrex screens cracking. Has anyone else experienced this?


  5. Distance – approx 217 miles


    Route – Ferry from Lerwick, Shetland to Aberdeen (12 hours or 14 hours)


    Cost – 1 adult foot passenger with islander discount and recliner seat - £40 return, dinner - £15, breakfast £10, both each way.


    Timings – Board ferry at 6pm on Tuesday, arrive Aberdeen 7am Wednesday, cache, board ferry 4pm Wednesday, arrive Lerwick 7am on Thursday.


    Never complain about living on mainland UK!

  6. I am seeking your advice on what I should charge for the following. Normally I would look on eBay but I am often unable to get onto the site as usual.


    I have the following items. All in excellent condition, well looked after.


    Garmin GPS2+

    Swivel mount

    Handlebar mount (Unused)

    Serial data cable


    Garmin eTrex Camo (less than a year old)

    Serial data cable


    Y-cable converts either of the above serial data cables to data/power cable


    Thanks a lot



  7. I will have to grin and bear the extra cost for the CS. Its the 10 hours less of battery life that makes me cough. I have no need of an altimeter, but the compass could be useful. I could always take the buttin compass that I usually have to hand somewhere about my person!


    That is certainly an interesting combination that you have there!



  8. Just been looking at the 60c and 60 cs. Can't really justify a CS, but I was interested to know about the sockets on the back.


    Am I right in thinking that it has a serial socket and that is one of the proprietory round 4 pin Garmin connectors on the back?


    Thanks a lot



  9. To All


    The first thing that I was told about a GPS was never to rely on it, always carry paper maps as a back up system. Having a Garmin GPS2+ I have quite often had the datum set wrong and ended up 300 yards or so from the cache on the wrong side of a hill. I have since learnt to match the datum to the position format or use my eTrex!.


    As I always use paper maps to get a rough idea of where the cache is before I set off I tend to work in OSGB and then convert to the "other" flavour. When laying a cache I take a reading in both formats, one for my OSGB records and one for the rest (almost) of you.


    As ex-forces I had to suffer 6400 mils to a circle instead of 360 degrees. For the sort of work I was involved in I really didn't need that sort of accuracy. There was too many rules there too. Lets hope that we don't end up having to parade every morning on GC.com in green clothes!

  10. So bored today that I went off and changed one of the cache containers from a film canister to a medicine pot.


    It was either that or stay in and reads all of the congrats threads.


    I honestly didn't want to say that, it was the voices in my head that made me do it :rolleyes:

  11. Went out at 3pm to have a wander around my local caches and change the containers for more waterproof ones, and check the rest were ok. Came home after ten minutes as it felt like the wind was slicing through my fingers! Well the sun was out so I thought that I would be ok :blink:

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