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  1. War Story Mode On - Just drag up a sand bag and a brew


    Some years ago I was "working" in the jungles of Belize. I saw some interesting stuff there! A collapsed observation post made from crinkly tin had been taken over by a "herd" (OK what is the collective then!) of scorpions. I have never seen people move so quickly when they moved the tin, 8 grown men running like a bunch of girls!


    The thing that always made me smile though was following a track early in the morning. A spider may have weaved one strand across the path and as your leg brushed against it, it snapped sounding and having the strength of cotton.


    War Story mode Off - stack the sand bags nicely where you found them

  2. Had the same with my eTrex Camo. I openly admitted that I jammed it twixt dashboard and windscreen on my car. Needless to say the screen on the Camo cracked.


    Again they replaced it free of charge.


    The Law of Sod has said that the screen on the new one has cracked again, and I didn't do anything this time. It is back with Garmin again.


    So impressed with the service that I received that I decided to get another Garmin even though I had been eyeing up some of the Magellans.


    Hopefully my travel bug will sell on eBay for enough to buy a matching pair of 60CS units with enough money left over to buy a bag of chips on the way home!

  3. We are also hoping to have a little bit of code for cache setters to place in their cache pages which will let visitors know there is a coin present or that a coin has been there before as the Canadian Geocoins do. This will depend on you guys religiously placing the code in existing and new cache pages :laughing:

    It sounds like a lot of work has been provided (for free) by a dedicated few and I am sure that the rest of the community will join me in thanking everyone involved for their excellent efforts.

  4. Whilst many of you feel the tracking charge is affordable we have to remember that not everyone would. We believe that there would be a psychological price barrier and the extra fee would breach that barrier and put the coin out of reach for some folks.


    In addition to this it was very late in the day and Teasle had already completed the tracking code for our website.


    We had to make an executive decision I am afraid.

    Sounds like common sense prevailed to me.

  5. OH boy, just what I need, a genuine limited edition 1 of 10,000 coin with absolutely no intrinsic value, sign me up, Ill take a dozen, they will take centre place in my collection of washers!

    Well Franklin Mint seem to have made a business out of it!

  6. I remember reading somewhere an idea suggested by a Geocacher, but whether they were a UK Geocacher or a "foreigner" (said in the most unxenophobic Michael Howard tone), I can't remember.


    They suggested putting a film canister in all caches where one could fit. Inside the canister could be placed a small pedal bin liner and notes about what CITO is all about. I suppose that one could even go as far as putting a CITO label on the outside of the pot.


    A little advertising can go a long way!

  7. I discovered this Lowe sunglasses case (see tinyurl link below) exactly fit my GPSMap 60CS as well as my old Garmin GPS V. It's not very expensive and has belt loops for horizontal and vertical wear as well as a clip to go on a belt loop, D ring or carabiner.


    I found mine in a bike shop, but Campmor has one too at this link





    About £10 here: -


    UK Seller




    Got to be better than what is on eBay, if you can live wirhout a window

  8. After my bad fortune with cracked screens on my Camo I have decided that the forthcoming 60CS needs to go in a decent case.


    (Doffs cap in the general direction of 60 CS owners & touches forelock!) What are you 60CS owners using as cases? The genuine Garmin article or something even better?

  9. Ok so before I jump out a window, is there any way to use the stinkin USB cable that came with my Garmin 60CS with my MAC? If not, how about with a heathen box? i want to download waypoints from geocaching.com and transfer them to my unit. I have had no luck! Someone please help me out! ;)

    I would be interested to hear how you get on as a fellow Mac user (12" PB).


    What about GPS Connect? Its in beta but if you just want to download does that work? I have only ever used it with a serially connected Garmin via a USB adaptor.


    I know this will be as painful to your ears as it hurts my mouth to utter the words - Windoze Emulator (Truly the worst of all worlds!)


    I am running X11 on my Mac now. Would there be a Linux app that would run under X11 that would solve your problem?


    I must admit that I have a Win (spits!) laptop in a dark and dank corner of the house, guarded by an old crone with an awful case of festering sores, (well so few people really want to be anywhere near Windoze these days), for when the Mac wont do what I want! Once I have spent an hour downloading the laest updates to the firewall and anti-virus I can get on and use it.


    If you are going to go to the Dark Side do let someone know when you are going and when you expect to be back - you know it makes sense ;)

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