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  1. Within 25 miles? Apr 2004 - 2 caches Apr 2005 - 9 caches - (88.9% mine(8)) 2 of which are disabled 450% increase in one year!
  2. What about one of those devices where you take a ticket with a number on it. Put one on the gate and take the first ticket. Have someone sit in a box and call out "Customer Number One" when you are ready to plant.
  3. War Story Mode On - Just drag up a sand bag and a brew Some years ago I was "working" in the jungles of Belize. I saw some interesting stuff there! A collapsed observation post made from crinkly tin had been taken over by a "herd" (OK what is the collective then!) of scorpions. I have never seen people move so quickly when they moved the tin, 8 grown men running like a bunch of girls! The thing that always made me smile though was following a track early in the morning. A spider may have weaved one strand across the path and as your leg brushed against it, it snapped sounding and having the strength of cotton. War Story mode Off - stack the sand bags nicely where you found them
  4. Eek! I think that I shall stay indoors from now on!
  5. Sent 15 April by Special Delivery. Not back yet but in no rush!
  6. It looks like "no intrinsic value" will shortly become "extremely sought after"!
  7. Had the same with my eTrex Camo. I openly admitted that I jammed it twixt dashboard and windscreen on my car. Needless to say the screen on the Camo cracked. Again they replaced it free of charge. The Law of Sod has said that the screen on the new one has cracked again, and I didn't do anything this time. It is back with Garmin again. So impressed with the service that I received that I decided to get another Garmin even though I had been eyeing up some of the Magellans. Hopefully my travel bug will sell on eBay for enough to buy a matching pair of 60CS units with enough money left over to buy a bag of chips on the way home!
  8. Snipers don't always win by any stretch of the imagination. I lost a GPS60CS by £3 yesterday. If you want to automate your sniping there is always www.snip.pl Very cheap and very good!
  9. Look at the bdding on my small labels. 2 labels currently stand at £3.41. They only cost £1.20 each! I expect though that it is to avoid the horrendous P&P charges that some of the suppliers are charging!
  10. It sounds like a lot of work has been provided (for free) by a dedicated few and I am sure that the rest of the community will join me in thanking everyone involved for their excellent efforts.
  11. Sounds like common sense prevailed to me.
  12. I never bid until the last 10 seconds of an eBay auction Too generous - try 6 seconds. it works for me (more often than not)
  13. OH boy, just what I need, a genuine limited edition 1 of 10,000 coin with absolutely no intrinsic value, sign me up, Ill take a dozen, they will take centre place in my collection of washers! Well Franklin Mint seem to have made a business out of it!
  14. No-one had bid on my GPS when there was about 18 hours or so to go so I put up a message to say that it was being watched by 10 people and that if anyone wanted it they should not leave it too late!! I had a bid for the Buy it Now price within 45 minutes!
  15. This might be the time to become a Travel Bug Sales Person. Eight people are watching mine on eBay! Must be more to this Travel Bug thing than I thought!
  16. I give loads of stuff away at work, mostly pens, mugs, mousemats, calculators, stress balls (very popular!), notepads, rulers etc., but I haven't got the heart to give away the pen which says Breast-Feeding on it!
  17. I remember reading somewhere an idea suggested by a Geocacher, but whether they were a UK Geocacher or a "foreigner" (said in the most unxenophobic Michael Howard tone), I can't remember. They suggested putting a film canister in all caches where one could fit. Inside the canister could be placed a small pedal bin liner and notes about what CITO is all about. I suppose that one could even go as far as putting a CITO label on the outside of the pot. A little advertising can go a long way!
  18. I would be quite happy to have it tracked elsewhere.
  19. I had heard of the US and Euro basemap, but what is a world basemap? EDIT - Cancel that question - it was someone's dodgy description!!
  20. **** ? Was that a word that begins with F and ends in K? FORK?
  21. About £10 here: - UK Seller ...delivered. Got to be better than what is on eBay, if you can live wirhout a window
  22. Must be the tool for me. If I looked at the screen on the Camo I could crack it (no comments thanks!). Walks backwards out of room bowing
  23. After my bad fortune with cracked screens on my Camo I have decided that the forthcoming 60CS needs to go in a decent case. (Doffs cap in the general direction of 60 CS owners & touches forelock!) What are you 60CS owners using as cases? The genuine Garmin article or something even better?
  24. I would be interested to hear how you get on as a fellow Mac user (12" PB). What about GPS Connect? Its in beta but if you just want to download does that work? I have only ever used it with a serially connected Garmin via a USB adaptor. I know this will be as painful to your ears as it hurts my mouth to utter the words - Windoze Emulator (Truly the worst of all worlds!) I am running X11 on my Mac now. Would there be a Linux app that would run under X11 that would solve your problem? I must admit that I have a Win (spits!) laptop in a dark and dank corner of the house, guarded by an old crone with an awful case of festering sores, (well so few people really want to be anywhere near Windoze these days), for when the Mac wont do what I want! Once I have spent an hour downloading the laest updates to the firewall and anti-virus I can get on and use it. If you are going to go to the Dark Side do let someone know when you are going and when you expect to be back - you know it makes sense
  25. I was thinking of GPSy - oops sorry
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