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  1. OOoooooh. Ok.. yeah... if I enter the N & W then yes... I go to Wash State... I had not been using the letters. Thnx Kunarion….
  2. I've had this issue since the first of the year. Today I tried creating a new Cache locally (Washington State)... I have good Co-ords… but when I enter them in, I am shown that my co-ords are in China... what's with that???
  3. "available on your Statistics page:" That's what I thought the Grids were talking about... Thank you for the links to the Jasmer & Fizzy... I'll check it out. SuzyQ
  4. Googled "Geocaching Talk like a Pirate Geocoin"... Images.... and you get a variety of pics... That will give you an idea of the coins that are out there...
  5. I've noticed this a time or two... I'm wondering if there is a clock the App is going by. I can log 5 caches within the same day... all logged from my smartphone with the Geocaching App and 2 out of the 5 will be tomorrow's date... While out in the field logging I usually write something short and then "More Later". When I get home I finish the logs and correct the date if needed and also log in the TB's that visit/swap/dropped off... add pics if I have them too.
  6. " Working on grids, -- date found, date hidden, Fizzy, Jasmer, etc." So what are these grids & where do you find them?? What is a Fizzy & Jasmer??? I've only been caching since August, found my first 100 caches, released my first travel bug into the wild, attached tracking number to my Vintage Travel Trailer and it's Tow Vehicle & Visited the Cache Cave in Spokane Valley.... I'm still learning to recognize the variety of types of caches. SuzyQ - HyppeSyster
  7. "When I collected the cache there were no travel bugs present and no entry from them in the cache paper log." I've never logged a trackable into the paper log that is in the cache itself.... am I supposed to?? To me, this would take up page space and take too much linger time at the cache location. I log it through the webpage as soon as I get home (within 8 hrs of find) or log it at the time I log the cache and write a sentence or two later.
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